BLOOM @BARR ST  13 + 14 October 2018

Whether you’re an avid health nut, at the beginning of your wellness journey, or yet to be inspired, this event is for you!

Featuring up to 40 exhibitors in the key areas of food, skincare, environment, wellbeing & exercise, plus a range of informative talks and cooking demonstrations. This 2 day event will provide you with the tools so you can make informed choices on what you eat, how you live and the products you use.

“Thank you to the amazing Emma Lodge for putting together a fantastic event up here in Cairns… BLOOM! It helped me reawaken & reignite my passion for sharing wellness with the world. I’m armed with an epic vision & it’s game time! Was amazing meeting so many beautiful humans here”
Let’s bring the light!
Big love xox

“Thank you Emma Lodge for creating such a beautiful event – Bloom. ❤  It was such a privilege to hold a self love workshop. I am sure I speak on behalf of everyone who knows and loves you and also on behalf of everyone who attended the event when I say – your passion for improving wellness in our community is inspiring. Emma, you are such a beautiful, kind, gentle – POWERHOUSE!”
– Jo Ettles ox

“Fantastic event Emma, love it and I’ll be definitely coming for the next one if you invite me. Well done my friend!
Keep blooming!”
– Ronaldo Fulieri

“You did such an amazing job with Bloom! It was awesome to be in a room with so many people passionate about prevention. You rock! Xx
– Jessica Ainscough

“I want to congratulate you honey on all of your hard work. I think that Cairns needs to take their hat off to you and take some big lessons from you in relation to health and wellness and start to get proactive about their health otherwise they will be left behind. Sending you much love, grace and gratitude.”
– Therese Kerr


“Wow! What a successful day!
We enjoyed meeting such wonderful people. Loved speaking at one of your sessions and doing the Q & A by the pool with Jo was fun. Well done Emma what a fantastic day!”
– Nicole Dalla Vecchia

I can’t even fathom the amount of work it must’ve been to pull this off, well done, Emma!!!! You’re amazing. It was a great day! xxx
– Jo Whitton 

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for making space in the amazing line-up at Bloom. There was 20+ audience for the gazebo and I was so stoked to get to connect with lots of other foodie mums like myself. An amazing day that you can be immensely proud of.”
– Liz Richards, Simple Nourishment

“Awesome job Emma, an amazing event to be involved in. You should be very very proud of what you have achieved and the lives you have helped to change! Rest up looks like you have a big 2017 planned!!”
– Jillian Exton, Chemical Free Community

“It wasn’t until I got home this evening from the brilliant event that was the Bloom Wellness Expo that I realised just how special today really was.  To have spent the day being surrounded by such kindness & caring with such an awesome crowd was truly a beautiful experience. Thank you Emma Lodge for allowing so many businesses of Cairns & the country to be involved in facilitating more health & wellness for all who chose to receive it.”
– Ingrid White