Welcome and thank you for attending this very special event.

Bloom is quite unlike any other health and wellbeing expo, no stone has been left unturned… With chronic disease such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes on the rise, we need to start asking the question why? Rather than passing the problem onto someone else to go find a cure, there are actively things we can do right now to make change and prevent these diseases in the first place.

If you look you will see the simple answers are already all around us, and have been for some time, however they have become lost amongst big industry and mass media. There are options, and this is why I have done the research for you, bringing together the very best experts in their field to hare their knowledge and expertise at Bloom, that will support you on your wellbeing journey. Initially the journey may seem all too overwhelming, too hard, too scary or too time consuming – so pick a petal from the Bloom flower; this is your starting point.

Whether it’s food, skincare, environment, wellbeing or exercise, it all begins with just one simple change. This change has the power to awaken many other aspects of our lives and open up even greater possibilities, not just in our own personal health but within our community as a whole.

So welcome onboard! Bloom is your first step; your journey starts here…