Welcome and thank you for attending this special event and taking the time to empower your own health.

We’re so lucky to have such a high calibre of guest speakers attending Bloom this year, with talks covering everything from real foods and special diets, to chemicals in skincare and finding your passion. The information shared at this event will be invaluable!

October is quite a significant month to be hosting Bloom as it is breast cancer awareness month, and where my interest in health and wellbeing first began. After fundraising for breast cancer for four years my attention was drawn to some information on healing foods and in particular people reversing illness and disease through simple lifestyle changes. It was then that I realised that no matter how much money we raise, no matter how many cupcakes we eat, no matter how much pink merchandise we buy, breast cancer and other chronic diseases will not go away until we start taking responsibility of our own health.

I realised how little emphasis is placed on prevention, when there are simple measures we can take to help prevent disease in the first place and support the body with healing. It was then that I decided I could make more of a difference to peoples’ lives by sharing valuable information on wellness and spreading the message of prevention. We have an amazing array of services on our doorstep and it’s just a case of finding them and understanding what they do, so this is what Bloom is all about, sharing the tools and empowering each other to better health – one green smoothie at a time!

I hope with your support we can spread the message of prevention and rather than October being known as ‘breast cancer awareness month’, perhaps we can turn it into action and rename it ‘Lifestyle Action Month’ where we all become proactive about our health and take time to assess our diet, exercise, time for relaxation and ‘de-stressing’.