Frustrated with a lack of truly natural and organic baby skincare which was affordable and actually worked, Sacha Maujean founder of My Gypsy Child organic baby care, firmly believes that only raw, live ingredients work on your baby, not clever marketing campaigns.


What influenced you to get into natural wellbeing, was there a turning point or have you always lived with natural health in mind?

I have always sought a healthier “greener” lifestyle but I guess being diagnosed with cancer in 2007 really made me think twice about healing myself naturally and looking after my body by limiting toxins and chemicals as much as I could. Then my daughter Rumer was born with very sensitive skin, and I tried to find some 100% natural and organic care for her but was not entirely happy with the products available, they may have had organic ingredients but would also include synthetic preservatives or fragrance which would make her break out in a rash, so I made my own skincare for her so at least I could be confident that there were no hidden nasty chemicals in it. I firmly believe in the healing power of nature, and use the safety and assurances of modern evidence based scientific research to develop my skincare range.

What’s your thoughts/beliefs on natural health, why do you think we need it now more than ever?

Modern mainstream medicine certainly has its place and there have been many crucial discoveries to try and keep us well and healthy. But nature has been keeping us well and healthy for thousands of years also. Certainly now with such highly toxic lifestyles we need to be more vigilant on keeping ourselves healthy more than ever and going ‘back in time’ so to speak and reverting to using the healing powers of nature to try and keep our bodies healthy. Recent research from the Cancer Council predicts that every one in two men and every one in three women will develop cancer in their lifetimes. In the US alone a child is being diagnosed with cancer every 40 minutes.

Some things we know cause cancer and others we don’t. Cancer can be inherited or indiscriminate, it can also be caused by a build-up of accumulated toxins in our bodies. If we can help prevent such diseases by seeking a healthier more natural lifestyle then why wouldn’t we do this, for ourselves and especially for our children. A study by the Environmental Working Group tested the blood in umbilical cords and found over 207 dangerous chemicals in the blood. So it seems our children are being born with levels of chemical toxicity which is just not acceptable.

How do you practice natural wellbeing at home?

My daughters and I eat raw and organic food whenever possible, we are conscious of even the air we breathe and even Cairns is becoming too polluted for us so I am currently seeking a property in the Tablelands. I use natural cleaning products, always 100% natural and organic cosmetics and toiletries, natural pest control, I have a vegetable and herb garden in our back yard and free range chickens. We only use bamboo towels and linen, have solar power and try and buy eco-friendly items where possible.

Is it something that you slowly had to integrate or have you always lived a healthy lifestyle?

I have always tried to live a healthy lifestyle, but as I become more educated and informed about hidden dangers, carcinogens and toxins in our society I am definitely becoming more aware and conscious of the way in which I choose to live and raise my daughters. So it has been a gradual learning curve but we are all well and healthy and plan to stay that way!


Sacha Maujean is the owner and founder of My Gypsy Child organic baby products. Founded in 2012 after years of solid research, My Gypsy Child offers a 100% natural baby skincare range at an affordable price. The range features a variety of simple plant derived products containing up to 99.5% certified organic ingredients and nothing artificial or synthetic. View more details about the My Gypsy Product range here.