Amanda Lee has been actively involved with helping people and communities for over 20 years, she has seen the health of our society slide into extreme unbalance.

What influenced you to get into natural wellbeing?

My grandma was the first person to influence me in the area of natural wellbeing. I loved turning up at her house to see her with avocado on her face and egg in her hair! Her influence lay dormant in me, though, for many years, as I got caught up in living life according to our social values (take outs and brand name products). When my husband was diagnosed with mouth cancer, my interest in natural practices was re-awakened and I quickly came to the conclusion of ‘my body, my responsibility’. The changes we made to our lifestyle allowed my husband to fight 5 different cancer battles before he eventually passed away. And, although he died, his quality of life was amazing with many people not even knowing he was unwell.

What’s your thoughts/beliefs on natural health, why do you think we need it now more than ever?

I have been actively involved with helping people and communities for over 20 years and have seen the slide of our society into extreme unbalance. This is why I am passionate about offering people options, and assisting them to make changes to bring their lives and choices back to a healthy balance. Little choices often make a big difference.. and it feels so good to be in control of your own choices

I live by two foundational beliefs that govern the decisions I make about mine and my family’s health:

1. It’s up to me to research and choose, I don’t need to be an ‘expert’ to make wise and valuable decisions, just open to learning and change.

2. Health is about the whole person: spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and no area should be ignored as each area affects the others.

How do you practice natural wellbeing at home, do you have any daily rituals you can’t live without?

Our family is very close. I think this makes it easier to maintain natural wellbeing practices over the long term. I don’t just demand that my kids eat healthy, I make it possible for it to be enjoyable. My kids scour clean living recipe books looking for new things to try and I respect that their lunchboxes should not ‘embarrass’ them by appearing too ‘different’ (esp my son). I don’t make decisions for my children, but include them in the process. This has been invaluable in maintaining our healthy living, eating, social choices. We talk about everything. When they were little, I could choose for them; but, as they get older, I offer them the choices and ensure they’re aware of the outcomes and we also discuss how they can be ‘natural wellbeing ambassadors’ amongst their friends. Unfortunately, they are still the minority when it comes to daily healthy choices.

We are a great example of ordinary, average people who have chosen to take responsibility for their own health and longevity choices and we find, in our little steps, we have sometimes made extraordinary decisions and very much enjoy the quality of life that we now experience.

How have you managed to integrate this new lifestyle into your daily life, was it a process or did you gradually change things?

This has definitely been a long journey for us. I am known to be more the ‘slow and steady’ type. When my husband was ill, we had to make drastic, immediate changes, but we were fuelled by panic and sometimes desperation. I believe very much in ‘prevention is better than cure’ and so, with us all healthy, we take small steps, regularly, to keep on improving our lifestyle and choices.

Because I spend a lot of time influencing others towards positive choices, I also like to move at a pace that the average person can follow. If I rush into changes, it affects more people than myself, and if others cannot keep up with my example, their sense of failure makes it even harder to keep on trying. My family knows the suffering of illness and we don’t wish that on anyone. If our choices can also help someone else, we are very happy.


Amanda leeAmanda is the the Principal of Life Matters Consultancy Services – a company dedicated to coaching the individual, team leader, supervisor, or executive to reach their personal &/or, business or corporate goals in emotional health; putting order in your life; achieving your dreams; fulfilling your potential.