As spoken to Emma Lodge | June 2016


Lifestyle entrepreneur, holistic coach and business strategist, Brock Bowen a.k.a The Lifetarian is on a mission to help people design and live the lifestyle of their dreams so they can give their best to the people they love, and you can find out how…

Emma: Brock, you put such a positive spin on the world. Have you always had such high energy and enthusiasm for life?

Brock: As a kid I loved life and ran around super happy. I had some early success with sport, school grades, Captain of my school and a business plus part time jobs. I always loved to do and create a lot. I’m not sure when it happened first but somehow I began listening to other peoples advice more than the dreams that burned deeply within me. University, different careers, still happy but somehow life just didn’t seem to be as great as I knew it could be. What I discovered along my path was the power of daily practices, spending time with amazing people, doing projects that made a difference plus happiness is a choice.

What have you done to get there? I assume you’ve put a lot in to get results?

Brock: What haven’t I done would be a better question? Huge hours and investment in personal development. Amazing coaches and mentors. A gorgeous grandma who was a massive role model for me. Yoga + qi gong + travel + tantra + meditation + self enquiry + trail running + breathing + lifestyle / diet / nutrition + partying + testing out so many careers to discover what I love.

What would you suggest to others wanting to put a positive spin on their life, how do we get started?

Brock: What I found more and more is the simplicity of having a daily practice and sense of being apart of something greater than myself. A morning momentum session is my secret weapon and if I wake up and do this the day flows so much better. Jump out of bed, be grateful, drink some filtered water, ask powerful questions (what would I love my life to be like? + how much fun can I have today?) and then dance around or do a workout to your favourite high energy song. I go deeper than this in my morning sessions but the key is to begin.

Do you have one powerful tool you can share?

Brock: Breathe and begin to place your attention on others and how you can bless someone each day. I do a practice each day where I put out my hands and choose to bless everyone on the planet and ask “How do we positively and measurably impact billions of lives?” The less I worry and choose to have fun and contribute the more life flows. This idea will be continued with a group called “The Blessing Experiments” on facebook where people can share their experiences.

And finally… what’s your future vision? What would you like to achieve and what would you like to see more of in the world?

The vision that I have seen thus far is to create a planet where we can all harmoniously live the life we love. This will be actioned through shifting the conversations we have with one another and the questions we ask. As this happens the actions we take will shift. I love seeing organic and biodynamic food becoming the new normal. Children being educated with the tools to create a life they love in the new economy and truly know that anything is possible. I’ve also had visions of creating retreats at places of beauty that truly honour the land. This is already beginning and know that so much more is possible when we create and collaborate together.


Brock Bowen is the Wizard Entrepreneur. He is a man who cares deeply about people, loves and admires those closest to him and is humbled and grateful for the opportunity to connect, empower and create magic and miracles for conscious entrepreneurs who are struggling with time, energy and money. He is on a mission to help people design and live the lifestyle of their dreams so they can give their best to the people they love and make a positive contribution to the world. He has a Bachelor of Commerce, Human Resources & Industrial Relations from the University of Western Sydney. He loves mountain biking, nature walks, swimming, meditation, snuggles, travel, resorts and dancing around the house with his partner, Christie.