Month: September 2016

Jo Whitton | GAPS & Gut Health

As spoken to Emma Lodge | September 2016   I love visiting the Atherton Tablelands. I enjoy any excuse to take a drive up the hill, and the best thing is having access to all the fresh farm produce and the views. The green rolling hills, the Jersey cows, the mud and quite often the drizzle in Malanda makes me feel right at home. And quite conveniently I always seem to perfectly time a visit to Jo Whitton’s home when there is food ready to be served. But as she reminds me, there’s always food ready to be served in her...

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Heather Denslow | Chemical Free Cleaning

As spoken to Emma Lodge | September 2016   Very few chemicals were in our environment, or in our bodies just 75 years ago. Since the industrial revolution there are now over 100,000 synthetic chemicals in production today, with 15,000 new chemicals produced every year.  Because scientists can manipulate and combine chemicals, the chemical industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, however there is little knowledge on the effects of these chemicals to our health and the environment. More than half have never been tested for their toxicity, and in Australia chemicals are safe until proven otherwise. In Australia...

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