As spoken to Emma Lodge | September 2017


It takes a special kind of person to brave the heights and potential dangers that come with climbing coconut trees. These trees have ammunition and they’re not afraid to use it. You might think twice about sitting under the idyllic swaying fronds of a coconut palm, but for Sjoerd it takes a special tree with special nuts, that make it an ideal relaxing spot 25 metres high.

“What a cellerating feel good experience”

This was his response from a climb in Kuranda that had been on his fantasy list climb for over a year!

And sure, not only hanging in the coconut trees will get your bodies cells a buzzing, but drinking the coconut water and eating the flesh will have your cells electrified and fully charged with life.


Sjoerd: Living in the tropics is the best place to have access to the freshest most juiciest fruit in nature and its the only one that actually has water within it without you actually having to juice it.

Emma: And they’re full of electrolytes?

Sjoerd: Yes full of electrolytes, complete protein when you get a mature one and its got a lot of minerals and awesome goodness in it.

Where have you collected the coconuts?

Sjoerd: I’ve been climbing myself together with Hamish at Trinity Beach, Kewarra Beach and also at Stratford.

So you’ve literally been monkey man climbing the trees?

Sjoerd: Yea we’ve been climbing mostly when people ask us, so that’s just the way that C4 works. Its a community cooperative and we climb trees for free and then we bring them to Rustys Markets and share them with the rest of the community. Would you like to try one?

Yes for sure! Natural hydration, cheers!

For more information on the C4 – Cairns Community Coconut Cooperative please visit their Facebook page here.