As spoken to Emma Lodge | April 2017


The sounds of worship music coming from Go Church on Little Pease St is enough to rival any live performance. This is the place to kickstart your Sunday morning. Forget the coffee, if you want to enliven your spirit then the sound of drums, keyboard, guitar and some amazing vocals will certainly do the job.

Meet Michael & Nicole Dalla Vecchia, Lead Pastors at Go Church Cairns. They are passionate about the local community and all that Cairns has to offer. They run this refreshing take on church in a fun, loving, relevant, authentic way.


We believe that Christianity is about relationship not religion, participating not spectating, and becoming the best you that God has made you to be!

Emma: Tell us about Go Church, what can people expect?

Nicole: Our church here is very community focused and we believe in building others up to live their best life so we love to give back into our community in many different ways. We love to see people as a whole person, just exceed in life and thats body, soul and spirit. But just having that relational type of church thats like a family church and anyones welcome and everyone can succeed in life. We’re about community and about family.

Michael: We love that saying from Mother Theresa “Preach the gospel and if you absolutely have to use words” so we like to use action and actually live what we speak, not just use our words.

Its quite different to what I expected or what people typically expect a church to be, its fun!

Michael: We do have a lot of fun, we like to have a lot of loud music, laugh at ourselves, a lot of joy in this place

And it just seems like its a really beautiful church family. Can anyone attend?

Michael: Totally we don’t mind how you’re dressed, how many tattoos you have, or who you’re voting for. We’re a church full of imperfect people with every kind of story imaginable. If you’re always waiting to be perfect to come to church that’s never ever going to happen cause none of us are perfect. I spoke this morning on how lots of people in the bible have failures and we choose to fail forward, so everyone is welcome to come, if you’re going through things in your life and you just need that family or need that support, we’re saving a seat for you.

Each meeting I find very relatable to what’s going on in daily life. Whether its money, relationships, family, work. I really love that there’s something of value in each message that can be practiced in daily life. Its a bit like a functional faith.

Nicole: Yes! It’s about relevance. We’re a relevant church. What we go through in daily life obviously you go through, so we speak on the day to day trials of life and then put that message accross to everybody.

Michael: We love that Jesus used to speak in stories and parables, but those stories were 2000 years ago, obviously they didn’t have Facebook, Instragram and all these incredible things we have today. So we have a different set of problems and issues that we face today, so we basically run everything through the word of God and put a relevant spin on what it would be like in todays society.

How important is spiritual health?

Michael: As we know external health is so important in todays society. We generally take good care of our body, watch what we put in, we go to the gym, we exercise, we do all these things but often our spiritual health gets neglected, and just like with our body what we put in is what we get out. I know that when I used to eat a lot of donuts and pies I actually started to look like a donut and pie I was actually quite big! What we get out is what we put in, so instead of putting in the negativity of the world, we need to balance this with good spiritual principles. So the bible is full of incredible wisdom and a lot of spiritual principles that can be used and adapted for today.

What is the vision for Go Church?

Michael: Well we’re a growing church, we have a lot of visitors and a lot of new people joining. Obviously we want to grow so we can impact our community more. The more people we have the more volunteer power, the more we can do in our community. Also we want to grow but not just numerically but spiritually grow. We want to see healthy relationships, healthy families on the inside and the out.

Nicole: We are excited to see already the growth in our church and excited about the young families who are attending our church and calling Go Church their home. We want anyone and everyone no matter what walk of life they are from, to feel like they belong and can be connected to something bigger and better then just our normal every day life!

The church isn’t a building–it’s people. And we think you’ll find Go Church, a place you can call “home”.

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