As spoken to Emma Lodge | May 2017


Ever thought that your beliefs and mindset could actually be affecting your health?

As I navigate through the wellness journey from nutrition and clean eating, to chemicals in the home and toxic ingredients, meditation, nature and energy healings, I’ve discovered that above all the pinnacle to wellness is having a healthy mindset.

Meet Michael Johnson aka The Mojo Master. I met Michael last year at his one day Next Level event in Cairns. To be honest when I signed up I had no idea what I was heading into, and had the secret thought in that back of my mind that I could always leave if I got bored… well there was certainly no chance of that! What I realised was that my little thought of leaving was probably a self sabotage thought programmed in from many years of limiting beliefs.

Michael is a powerhouse of knowledge when it comes to the mindset and understanding why it is we do what we do. Taking really complex matters such as quantum physics and neuro science, Michael simplifies them so we can easily understand how our thoughts affect our reality.

In my heart I knew I was capable of a greater reality, it was just a case of understanding my limiting beliefs and reprogramming the patterns to unlock the true me…

Emma: How important is it to reprogram our thoughts and where do we begin?

Michael: Well neuro science is stating that reality is just an extension of our own mind, and that 85 – 95% of our beliefs are created from ages 0-8 years. When you relate this to health, you will see that most of our belief systems are created from the family dynamic and the social dynamic we’ve grown up in. Recognising this you will then understand that the person who we become and our identity, is really based on everyone else’s belief systems that have been imprinted on us.

So you’re saying that we’re not really the person who we think we are?

Michael: Something that I’m 100% sure of right now is that very few people ever get to choose who they want to be in life. I meet so many people who say I just want to be me, and I ask them who is that? And they normally have a few key points but that’s as far as they can go, they’ve never fully thought about it or assessed it, and they’ve never really chosen the person they want to be. Because of this they’re living a life based on a past reference of everyone else’s belief systems, and they never break free from that. That’s why we have habitual family patterns and family traits that embed our belief systems and so on.

When did you recognise that our belief systems could actually be sabotaging our reality?

Michael: My passion about this began as I had the same things going on in my life. I came from a family with a lot of turmoil; my mum had me at 17 years in a catholic family so that created a lot of chaos. My dad’s a bogan atheist Aussie so there was challenges there in the family dynamic. They’re still together by the way which is awesome, but that caused a lot of stress in the house. Financially my family struggled, and a lot of bad beliefs got thrown around about money. My mum always wanted me to go to university because in her family going to uni and being highly educated was important, but I was diagnosed with dyslexia, ADD, learning difficulties and put in special classes. So I really took on a belief system that I was stupid and not going to get anywhere in life, to the point I was expelled from school and even tried to commit suicide. It was at that point I realised I couldn’t please anyone else in life. It was probably one of the best things that could have happened, I think when you hit rock bottom there is only one way to go and that’s up. I developed a belief system that I had to do what is right by me.

I realised if we don’t choose who we are or the belief systems we take on, then we end up living in everyone else’s belief systems and we can never really be the person we truly want to be.

So that led me on a journey finding myself, becoming a personal trainer and then a kinesiologist and studying nutritional medicine. Even though I was working with great people and loving the work, I found that there were so many people struggling. Every time I would say to someone who’s overweight – you know you need to eat healthy, you know you need to exercise they would say yeah yeah I know all this stuff, and I’d say but why aren’t you doing it? And what it really came down to was most people know what they need to do in life, they just don’t do it because of their mindset.

So how is our mindset affecting our health?

Michael: Well studies show that around 75-80% of all disease can be linked directly to stress. If everyday you’re dealing with stress and worry, if your heart keeps signalling stress and feeling the emotions of guilt, anger, frustration, worry, hurt, loss and all these emotions society deals with today, the more that will feel normal. The imbalance will become balance. Many people don’t see themselves as stressed when really they are, signalling the cells that will eventually create dis-ease. This is how our emotions and mindset affect everything that we do. For example, when you look at the people who are unhealthy – they may eat nutritionally well but their health is shithouse, this is because they are stressed, angry and frustrated about everything, they react emotionally and everyone else can see that they’re unhealthy but they see it as it’s not them but everything else outside of them, so they think if they can change the world it will make them happy, if they can change everything else outside of themselves it will make the inside different, but it never does.

Yes I think a lot of us are all searching for the quick fix, something outside of ourselves to solve our health crisis.

Michael: When someone is struggling with their health what I started to see, especially working in medical centres, is that everyone knows what to do with their health. We know to eat healthy, breath fresh air, drink good quality water, have good relationships, be happy in life and normally you’d be pretty good in life. What I know for sure, and science is starting to prove this now especially with the advent of quantum physics and showing how that links to neuro science, is that when we change our internal world the external world changes instantly. This is because the way we see the world changes instantly and that’s what it comes down to. I believe that once we gain a healthy mindset and healthy emotional states then health will become.

Yes I really do see the importance of getting the emotions straight. What I realise now is that once you’ve got the right mindset then you’ll love and respect your body, and you’ll want to give yourself time out for self love. Then once you’ve got that love and respect for yourself you’ll then want to put the good stuff in such as healthy foods which also helps to clean up the mindset, and then that flows onto you’re environment and being aware of products you’re using in your home, and then your friends group may change and you’ll start attracting different people around you once you’ve cleaned up that mindset. So you may have to delve in and face these emotions and beliefs that have been buried within since childhood, but once you deal with them I see it as a real game changer.

Michael: Yeah my belief system is that life isn’t about being happy, life is about growth because growth happens everywhere in nature. Growth can come from pleasure and pain, it can come from a variety of emotional states and when we start to embrace those emotions and stop hiding behind them and being fearful of them. When we have a thought there’s neuro transmitters in the brain which create the neural pathways and signal the neuro peptides which then get released through the body and then signal our hormonal system, after we do that long enough, for example, if we keep thinking a bad experience eventually we keep signally the same neuro peptides and hormones in our body and after a while we start to feel addicted to that emotional thought process and even though the circumstances may change, emotional states don’t so reasons and circumstances to be angry, depressed, anxious may keep popping up again and again throughout life, because its teaching they’re out of balance emotionally. Once you start re-patterning the mind you start re-patterning the hormones as well, and when you start having different thoughts the body actually changes as well.

I love the idea of growth, however for a lot of people change can be quite confronting.

Michael: I think the challenge we have in this day and age is the scientific field has been really based around everything has to be predictable. If we can prove 100% by science then this has to be the case but for the open minded they know there never is a right, there’s only a right now because science is always changing, things are always evolving and shifting so we have to learn how to mentally and emotionally evolve past those points, if not we get stuck.

If everyday you woke up and you’re so predictable you know who you were yesterday then all you’re going to do is make today so predictable your body you have yesterday is going to be the same today, you’re doing the same as yesterday so unless we start to change the way we think and start to think about who we want to be in the future you can’t actually evolve from the body, whether it’s a problem, pain or disease you can’t break through that because you’re not becoming a new person or identity with new belief systems. So everything really is just an evolution of the mind, so when we change our beliefs we can really change anything.

So for someone who really wants to make changes in their life but doesn’t know where to start, or they want to but something holding them back where do you start?

Michael: What I’ve found in all the major religions and philosophies I’ve studied they all pretty much say the same thing which is you need to love everybody including yourself. In this day and age most people don’t love themselves as they are trying to be like everybody else or comparing themselves to others and because of this they lose themselves in the process, especially if they’ve taken on family belief systems and societies belief systems that they need to go to uni and get a good job so they can buy a house and do all the usual stuff that society does as a generalisation. So the first thing is that you have to love yourself but in order to do that you have to ‘know thyself’. If you don’t get to choose who you are as a person then you’re being somebody else that someone wants you to be. What this is saying is that my values aren’t as important as somebody else’s values whether its family or partner, and this can go back generations too of people trying to please somebody else.

Unless we truly know ourselves and are clear on our values, our mission our life purpose and then set goals from those things then we’re going to self sabotage all the time and that’s going to make us feel guilty and unhappy and that will come back as a feedback loop as pain into your life which is life saying hey you’re not on track with the greatness that you are born to be.

Also if the brain is incongruent with the heart then the brainwaves and the heart don’t sync and this can create emotions such as anxiety, frustration and crazy emotional states. So once we can get the brain and heart running congruently that’s where we want to get to. That’s the next step. , getting the brain waves and heart waves all working together rather than fighting each other.

What can we do if we find ourselves in negative talk?

Michael: The key is to catch yourself and change it straight away. Someone who sits there eating a cheeseburger and they say I shouldn’t be doing this, that’s just flooding their body with hormones of guilt. It’s so easy to keep running the same thought patterns over and over again unless you have a reason to change them. Everyone has some reason for change, but it must be for a positive change. Knowing who you are as a person and wanting to be the best version of yourself for your family, your kids, and the greater good of humanity is the type of change needed. If you can get so excited and believe that you can’t have bad health, you can’t feel crap about yourself, that’s when things happen and we start to get congruent in life.

So it’s really a matter of balancing the heart and the mind?

Michael: It’s creating a greater reality to know what you are capable of in your heart not in your mind. What I always say to people is you’ve just gotta get back in touch with your heart, as the heart is the one that overrides everything. It has the strongest electro magnetic field in the body. That field imprints information in every cell, hence why some people who have organ transplants start having memories of the organ donor, as the information of that past person’s memories are imprinted in the cells of the transplant organ. If we can get back in touch and open up our hearts, we can really create a greater reality.