As spoken to Emma Lodge | May 2017

Last week I caught up with Dr Debra Lawson to discuss topics such as boys shorts, infinite beings and aging toasters. Yep you read it right. Nothing strange about our conversations!  But if you’ve ever felt that there’s more to life and you just can’t put your finger on it to break free, well then these mysterious magical tools may help…

Emma: At the start of the year you became an Access Consciousness facilitator. Can you explain to me a bit about what Access Consciousness is?

Dr Deb: Access Consciousness is a set of tools and processes that are designed to facilitate consciousness for everyone. Consciousness is the ability to continually awaken to more possibility, more choice and more life. It is the willingness and capacity to be totally aware and totally present in all areas of your life.

In Access we encourage you to know that you know! The invitation of Access is for you to acknowledge that you are an infinite being. And to use your Awareness. And as an infinite being to step into generating a life beyond the you, you think you are. Sounds like fun doesn’t it?

Ultimately if we have more conscious individuals on the planet, everything and everyone benefits.

As an Access Consciousness facilitator there’s a class I host called The New Foundation, which helps to shift and change your foundation of limitations and set yourself up for creating the life you would really like to have. This is different for everybody; again it’s empowering you to know that you know, and to clear out the stuff that’s standing in the way between you creating and choosing what you want, and what you’ve currently got (chosen).

I hear you talking about boys shorts a lot. What’s that all about?!

Dr Deb: Boys shorts is a very popular topic in Access Consciousness. (Just kidding) There’s this thing we call the magic wand: The Access Clearing Statement. The best explanation I know of is a video on YouTube of Dr. Dain Heer (The Access Clearing Statement) explaining all the boys and shorts etc. in detail.

But basically it’s all about clearing out the energetics that keep you stuck. So let’s say you had a problem with something in your life either now or something from the past and you want to get over it and you want to clear out any traces of that energy in your life, past, present and future on all levels.

That is what the clearing statement does. It clears the energy. I know it sounds a bit crazy but just TRY IT! Then you can decide.

These words actually make up part of the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement which goes like this: “Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POD & POC, All 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds”

So the Clearing statement is just that: a statement that clears energy. You don’t have to understand it, you don’t even have to say it properly, you can just say POD and POC and it will still work. I just know that for me at first I thought it sounded like ‘abracadabra’.

So I do understand how it does sound funny to people and it does seem strange that something so simple can be so effective, all I can say just like all the tools of Access is youdon’t have to believe it….just try it and see if it works for you. If it works then great, and if it doesn’t work for you then try something else. This is something I really love about Access Consciousness and that is that you are encouraged to take what works for you and to throw out what does not fit for you.

How have the tools from Access Consciousness changed your life from the person you were before to who you are now?

Dr Deb: Well I’ve been doing Access for a little over 2 years now, and didn’t really know what Access was prior to that. I read an Access book years ago and thought “oh that sounds interesting I’d like to know more about that someday” but I never really took any action to find out who they were or how to find out about it.

Then many years later through some friends I found out about the BARS and started running the BARS and absolutely loved what it did for me. It made me feel clearer, in fact I distinctly remember after my first BARS even my vision was clearer. I love the BARS and teach classes regularly as well as doing private sessions I was fortunate enough to do my first Foundation class with Gary and Dain in Brisbane a couple of years ago. So I went there with an open mind to receive whatever it was going to

Anyway, I found out that the Foundation helps you to clear out the crap in your mind. I didn’t know that would be the benefit I’d get; I just went there with an open mind and wholeheartedly did the clearings and used the tools they teach in Foundation.

Image: Dr Debra Lawson with Dr Dain Heer

By the time I completed the 4 days of Foundation. I felt like I had me back again, I felt so light and much, much clearer. What do I mean by that? I think it is easy to lose you in all the “stuff” and when you clear that “stuff” Amazing things happen.
Mainly feeling happy, joyful and glad to be alive! If that sounds like something you too would be interested in do yourself a favour and do the New Foundation.

Prior to doing Access I would wake up in the morning with a startle, like an anxiety and a feeling of dread like “oh no”.

Through Access I found a tool that you can ask“who does this belong to?” and if it feels even slightly lighter, then you know that it doesn’t belong to you. Yes, I still have an anxiety feeling sometimes. But definitely not nearly as much as I used to. This tool has really given me my life back. In the past when I would wake up with that feeling, I just thought “oh well I’m losing it, I feel it so it must be real” and it is real (sort of) it’s an energy that you’re picking up from ….. somewhere but it is not yours in most cases. We are way more psychic and in tune to other peoples’ energies than we actually realise.

And they say that 99% of our thoughts, feelings and emotions belong to someone else?

Dr Deb: Yes, and what if just by becoming aware of it… and asking who does this belong to… it disappeared? AGAIN don’t believe me, just try it! Using the tool “who does it belong to?” and if it feels a bit lighter then you know it’s not yours. (There is even an app that can remind you to ask “who does this belong to?”

So these statements are energy clearings?

Dr Deb: Yes they are called clearings. That boys shorts thing is the Access Clearing Statement and we do call it our magic wand because it does somehow magically clear stuff out.

So is it like pressing the rest button and clearing those conditioning thoughts that we’ve been carrying around?

Dr Deb: Yes that’s a good way to describe it; it helps to clear stuff out that is limiting you.

Does it really work?

Dr Deb: For me it works. Am I perfect? No way! But for me are they the tools that I draw on everyday? Yes definitely! I particularly love the “who does it belong to?” But this is one of MANY! And this is what you learn at Access classes, many empowering tools. Another one which is just a huge lifesaver for me is “interesting point of view, they (or I) have that point of view”. You can use this tool for others points of view as well as your own thoughts. If you think interesting point of view about every single thought you have for a few days “interesting point of view, I have that point of view” at the end of a few days you will have a quiet mind.

So you’re not attached to it?

Dr Deb: If everything is just an interesting point of view it is pretty difficult to get riled up about anything isn’t it?
By having everything be just an interesting point of view you do not get hooked in to agreeing or disagreeing and are able to let it go much more easily and move on. The bonus is you no longer have to spend your life defending or protesting anything.


It will save you so much time and energy. So any thought that you align with or disagree with takes your energy and directs your focus so that you cannot see anything else. Any thought that you align with it is like you are putting the blinkers on and only seeing or hearing or finding what you’re what you have decided is so. This also takes you away from your awareness because how can you be aware when you so busy aligning and agreeing or fighting something?

So when you use the “interesting point of view” tool, for example, let’s say you say something to me and I don’t agree with that so then I’ve taken an opposition to it, I then have to put energy into maintaining that decision that I’ve made that you are “incorrect”. In Access they say that for every point of view you take on, you have to hold 42 other points of view to hold that in place. We don’t know the exact number, but let’s just say a lot of points of view to hold that in place. Sounds exhausting doesn’t it? IT IS! Some people waste their life on things like this! What would it be like to be free from all of that?

So instead of taking on a Point of View use the Interesting Point of View tool……Then ask a question to open up more possibilities to choose from. It’s all about being in the question rather than holding a point of view and conclusion.

A question by the way isn’t a statement and a question mark at the end. A statement is a conclusion not a question.

And I guess its gotta be a good question too?

Dr Deb: The question should be one that is open ended and allows in more possibilities such as “how does it get any better than this?” You can use that one if something’s good like “how does it get any better than this!!” [Excited] and if something bad or unpleasant is happening in your life then “how does it get any better than this?” [Willingness] which opens up the
possibilities for something better. Or one of my favourites: “How can this turn out better than I could have imagined?”

It’s all about constantly asking questions like “how does it get any better than this?” “What else is possible?” a question opens up the infinite possibilities and then you get to choose.

If someone is struggling with an overactive mind and debilitating thoughts?

Dr Deb: Get your BARS run.

That’s what you’d suggest?

Dr Deb: Absolutely and the BARS is the starting point in Access. But whether or not you are taking other classes… Get your BARS RUN as much as possible. REALLY 🙂

For most classes it’s a requirement if you want to take any other courses, you have to do a BARS class first. There’s a good reason for that because it’s so powerful and it is entwined in the Access tools, just like the clearing statement.

They’ve recently done some research documenting the changes that take place in the brain on an EEG. It is fascinating to see a really active/stressed brain and then the calming down of those stress centres after having received a BARS session. It’s phenomenal how well it works if you’re willing to receive and let it happen. Sometimes you might go to sleep or feel like
you go to lala land, or for me I can just feel the stress washing away.

Could that just simply be from the power of touch? I mean just having someone touching those points on the head can be relaxing in itself?

Dr Deb: Well it could be, but the man who’s researching it says that he’s worked with meditators and this isn’t just his feeling, you can see it from the EEG’s, so is it the touch that does it? Maybe? I’m sure it has a factor, but on the other hand if that’s the case shouldn’t I be able to just put my hand on your shoulder and do an EEG and have it all fade away? The points in the BARS all are associated with different aspects of life, such as healing, love, money, connection, aging toaster, communication, and creating life forms.

Did you just say aging toaster?!

Dr Deb: Aging toaster is two points on your head with your hands positioned like you’re putting in two pieces of toast sort of, and it goes right into the centre of your brain. Interestingly enough these points also relate quite well to some acupuncture points and regions of the brain.

So how can we believe that anything is possible? Sometimes day to day realities take over and it’s hard to break away and think of anything beyond what needs to be accomplished that day. So I know in Access you really want to expand possibilities. Is it as simple as putting those questions out there?

Dr Deb: Is it just believing? Is it just blind faith? Or is it that you’re an infinite being? And when as an Infinite Being when you ask questions you open up more possibilities. I am sorry if some of these points sound repetitive but it all works together.
What works for me is if I’m stumbling on something in my life I just ask myself would an infinite being choose this? I know I’m an infinite being. So if an infinite being wouldn’t choose it why am I? Because we’re an infinite being with a body.

What do you mean by infinite being?

Dr Deb: Can I ask you a question? Do you think of your body with your soul/spirit inside of it. In Access we look at it a bit differently: try this out and see if it works for you. We are as an infinite being way bigger than our body, and we have a relationship with our body and our body has its own consciousness as well. If you don’t believe me just sense the edges of your
being, is it inside your body or somehow extending outside the body. Now expand your Beign out to fill up the whole room, expand out to fill the whole house, etc. Do you get the idea? So now what do you think? Is your being in your body? Or is your body in your being? That is some of what is meant by Infinite Being.

So how do you just choose? People have said to me “Emma it’s a choice, just choose” and it sounds too easy and I’m wondering how do I just choose?

Dr Deb: Just choose (she says with a cheeky grin) Ok let’s see if this helps you Emma: There’s a tool you can use and it is called light and heavy. Ask yourself whatever the choice is you’re trying to make, and then feel… does it make you feel heavy or light when you think about that choice? Does it feel heavier to you like “whoa I don’t really want to do that!” or does it feel like “ahhhh ” does it give you even for half a second a little glimmer of hope. That’s called light.

And if you are not sure then you can do a muscle test. There’s a chapter in my book actually that talks about how to do muscle testing. Let’s say you are shopping and you are trying to decide whether or not to buy this dress. And you brain thinks yes and no at the same time. If you do a muscle test you can often figure out which one you would really like to choose. Darn there is that Choosing again! So it’s all about creating more BY CHOOSING WHAT FEELS LIGHT and again you have infinite choices, so if you can choose anything what will you choose?

You just have to choose what feels light for you, CHOOSE THAT and head in that direction.

If you repeatedly choose things that feel light for you one day you will find that you have a life filled with lightness. If you don’t choose you just get whatever is thrown at you, like most people do. Not choosing is choosing too by the way!

You mentioned about your book which is called Fountains of Youth. I noticed that you’ve woven some of your learning from Access Consciousness into it. Can you tell me more about that?

Dr Deb: Yes, I wanted to include Access Consciousness as I believe the tools are valuable to your health, your life and your wellbeing. I’ve woven in some of these tools to give people a taste. If they want to know more they can go to Access Consciousness, and if they get as much as they need from the book then hallelujah that’s good too!

Can you tell me a little more about your new book?

Dr Deb: Yes, so my book is called Fountains Of Youth and it’s over 20 chapters about various aspects of maintaining or regaining your health. The tagline is ‘Adding life to your years and years to your life’ – it’s all about choosing! Every chapter starts with choosing…. It’s not a preachy book, it’s not meant to be war and peace on any topic, it’s simply a sampling of “here you choose what’s right for you”. I think that’s the way to go, I don’t believe that I have the answers for other everybody, we all have our own answers within if we ask and listen. At the end of the day we are all responsible for our own health and wellbeing and we’re the only ones that can do it for ourselves.

Yeah I agree it’s a matter of choice!

Dr Deb: So be your own doctor, claim the power within yourself to make your own choices, you know that you know what’s best for you.

Love it! So if anyone wants to find out more about your book?

Dr Deb: If you’re local you can buy it at my practice here at Crackenback Clinic or on the website International orders are available on Amazon and also on kindle.

That’s great, thanks Deb!