FNQ’s Premier Health and Wellness Event

Now a cornerstone of wellness in FNQ, Bloom Inspiring Wellness is an annual event bringing together the very best in health products and experts to empower, inform and guide you and your family to living a healthy, happy and vibrant life. Featuring up to 40 exhibitors in the key areas of food, nutrition, wellbeing, exercise, skincare, haircare and environment plus a range of educational talks, workshops and demonstrations.

In an exciting collaboration with Barr St Markets, our 2018 event will be held over a full weekend with a program to provide you with tools to help you make good choices about what you eat, how you live and the products you use. Whether you are already a health advocate or at the beginning of your wellness journey, the event will empower you through education, experience and connections with like-minded people. Join us and experience the joy of wellness.

Learn and Embrace

Well-being is something we all strive for and Bloom @ Barr St is an event where you can immerse yourself in wellness. There are presentations and workshops throughout the weekend that focus on well-being in health (mental, emotional, physical, sexual and spiritual) environment, nutrition, community and sustainability.

Free Talks & Activities for Everyone

There are always exciting new developments in health and wellness. These could be new scientific discoveries, better technologies, food & nutrition breakthroughs and emerging therapies. At Bloom @ Barr St you can interact with practitioners, question ingredients and experience the benefits immediately.

Discover Your Own Path

We all have unique stories and genetics, and we all need to find the routines and modalities of wellness that work for us. No single approach works for everyone. Bloom @ Barr Street strives to create an enjoyable and uplifting space where you can discover your own path to abundant well-being.


Bloom 2018 will take place at Wholehealth Pharmacy & Healthfoods located at Shop 1 Barr St Markets, 532 Mulgrave Rd.