Our team.

~ Bloom Founder ~

Emma is the creator of Bloom Inspiring Wellness. Having created and run pink ribbon fundraising events since 2008, Emma realised that no matter how much money is raised, no matter how many pink cupcakes are sold, chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer will not go away until we start taking responsibility of our own health. Emma not happy supporting the status quo decided to step out and spread the message of prevention through founding the Bloom event. Bloom started as a tiny bud in 2012 and has gradually unfolded petal by petal into a ‘blooming’ wellness day.

Jackie Fairfull
~ Champion Organiser ~
Jackie has been Emma’s loyal rock and sidekick since the very beginning of the pink ribbon high tea days back in 2008. Whilst Emma is off creating more ideas, Jackie ensures they are realistic and practical. Managing systems and operations, Jackie ensures all the boxes are ticked. Outside of Bloom Jackie facilitates healing and transformation with seriously stressed out ladies who want to bring happiness & vitality back into their life. This is achieved holistically through counselling and coaching techniques, stress management, meditation and energy healing. We all need a Jackie!

Shannon McCallum
~ Rockstar Communicator  ~
Shannon has been an enthusiastic supporter of Bloom since its inception in 2012. Being a hairdresser Shannon is a natural when it comes to communication, and has build up a wonderful following of Bloom advocates over the years. A health crisis in her early 20’s led Shannon on a chemical free journey when she was told to give up hairdressing or go chemical free. Shannon operates a purposely built private hair salon offering the best chemical free organic colour range in the world.

Tegan Rein
~ Ideas Moderator ~
Tegan stepped aboard the Bloom team in 2017, kindly offering her support and knowledge in marketing & sales. Through a health crisis of her own, Tegan stepped away from the corporate world and now specialises in life coaching and building her Nourish Your Soul movement. She is passionate about women’s health, and particularly loves joining women together for the full moon women’s circles that she hosts monthly at beautiful Ellis Beach.

Our advisors.

~ Creator of Miessence ~

Narelle is the creator of Miessence, the world’s first certified organic skin care and personal care
range. She is a passionate educator and activist for social and consumer change, speaking worldwide
to business leaders, entrepreneurs, cosmetic industry professionals and government bodies. Narelle is a member of the Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists and continues to develop her Miessence products, speak to consumer groups and industry and campaign for integrity in international organic standards.

~ Director of Buchi Kombucha ~
Dr Sarah Lantz is the owner and director of Roots in Nature Pty Ltd and Buchi, the award winning fermentation and gut-health enterprise based in Brisbane. Sarah has postgraduate qualifications in clinical nutrition and public health, was awarded her PhD from the University of Melbourne’s Australian Youth Research Centre, received her post-doctoral research fellowship from the University of Queensland and was awarded an international scholarship from the University of Sydney. Her first book released in 2009, Chemical Free Kids: Raising Healthy Children in a Toxic World, is a bestselling publication and has gone into its third reprint. She is an ambassador for Australian Certified Organic (ACO) and the Chemical Free Community, and an active member and delegate of Slow Food Australia.