The first Bloom Event was held in October 2012 at the Shangri La Hotel, Cairns. Since then this tiny flower has ‘bloomed’ into a full day wellness event now in its 6th year.

“Awesome experience, fantastic way to learn all things wellness. Great vibe”

“Magical things happen when we live our true purpose. Thanks, Emma for staying true to yours and creating this hugely inspirational platform for all of us to nourish and empower each other! Proud and excited to be part of the tribe. Proud of you!”

“Very inspired, it was an amazing event that re inspired me to live a life I love” 😊

“So good! It was amazing! Loved the way it bought a whole community of people together!”

“Thank you so much Emma ~ what an inspiration you are. Fabulous day, beautiful people, Cairns is wide awake, businesses blossoming, so grateful to be on board.”

“Thanks bloom. I had a great time and learned lots. I even invited a friend new to bloom and she really enjoyed herself. Appreciate the effort you guys put in. Looking forward to next years bloom which I’m hoping is in the same place”

“Great. Came away with some new ideas and reignited some old passions”