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Sacha Maujean | Skincare & Toxins

Frustrated with a lack of truly natural and organic baby skincare which was affordable and actually worked, Sacha Maujean founder of My Gypsy Child organic baby care, firmly believes that only raw, live ingredients work on your baby, not clever marketing campaigns.   What influenced you to get into natural wellbeing, was there a turning point or have you always lived with natural health in mind? I have always sought a healthier “greener” lifestyle but I guess being diagnosed with cancer in 2007 really made me think twice about healing myself naturally and looking after my body by limiting...

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Bloom Magazine – OCTOBER 2014

Welcome and thank you for attending this special event and taking the time to empower your own health. We’re so lucky to have such a high calibre of guest speakers attending Bloom this year, with talks covering everything from real foods and special diets, to chemicals in skincare and finding your passion. The information shared at this event will be invaluable! October is quite a significant month to be hosting Bloom as it is breast cancer awareness month, and where my interest in health and wellbeing first began. After fundraising for breast cancer for four years my attention was...

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Bloom Magazine – OCTOBER 2013

Welcome and thank you for attending this very special event. Bloom is quite unlike any other health and wellbeing expo, no stone has been left unturned… With chronic disease such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes on the rise, we need to start asking the question why? Rather than passing the problem onto someone else to go find a cure, there are actively things we can do right now to make change and prevent these diseases in the first place. If you look you will see the simple answers are already all around us, and...

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