Jodie Ferrero

A mother, home educator and entrepreneur, Jodie Ferrero is a talented multi-tasker with a background in media, marketing and events. Combining her experience, passion and purpose with the opportunity to collaborate with Emma to create In Pursuit of Wellness, Jodie shares the vision to inspire and connect people in a common pursuit of wellness.

Deeply moved by the loss of both her parents to illness, and with a growing awareness of the challenges we face to the wellbeing of people and planet, Jodie hopes to inspire others to embrace change and conscious living.

Jodie values diversity and believes that it is through warm, thought-provoking conversations that the stories and images of our future will emerge. She is inspired by the thought leaders, locally and globally in health, wellness, education, environment and community and believes we can collectively contribute to a better future.

Jodie is a mum of two gorgeous boys, her greatest teachers! She is a lifelong learner and enjoys the outdoors, music, good food
and good wine. Her most treasured moments are the quiet ones of gratitude and reflection.

Emma Lodge

Inspired by a close friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007, Emma’s passion for wellness ignited after founding the Pink Ribbon High Tea fundraiser in 2008. The event became her creative outlet for four years, however the more she networked with women and heard touching personal stories and journeys endured, the more she felt compelled to drive change and make a difference.

Watching her best friend navigate through a cancer journey and four of her family members passing away from cancer, Emma decided enough is enough and started searching for answers. Her attention was drawn to articles on healing foods, in particular people reversing illness and disease through lifestyle changes.

Realising how little emphasis is placed on prevention and through her own journey of discovery, Emma created Bloom Inspiring Wellness to share her findings so that everyone can have access to vital information and make informed choices to help prevent disease or aid the body in healing.

Bloom was planted in 2012 and has continued to unfold petal by petal into FNQ’s leading wellness event.