Janelle is a lover of herbs, nutrition and the outdoors. Her study of Naturopathy began in a van travelling around Australia. But her love of it began way before that. It was the stress of her teaching job that led her down a different path – a path she is much more passionate about. One that she continues to get enjoyment from ten years later…

Janelle struggled with acne in her teens and eczema on and off throughout her life, coming and going in waves. However, it was at its worst travelling around Australia in 2007, after wrapping up a very stressful teaching role the year prior, working as a primary school teacher. This led her to explore further the amazing talents of a Naturopath and Homeopath, only to see her it disappear. Combining Janelle’s health experiences and her own personal health journey, the intrigue and drive was ignited to pursue further study within the health field with a large focus on self-care and the desire to simplify the formula for healthful living. The seed had been planted & Seeds Of Health was in it’s beginning stages.

The exploration that took place prior to and beyond 2007 has become so potent for treating her own clients. Coming from personal experience visiting Naturopaths, changing diet, doing liver and colon cleanses, food allergy testing, drugs, cortisol creams, homeopathy, multiple water and juice fasts, etc. The variety of experiences all proved incredibly beneficial down the line working with clients, being able to recognise the many facets of disease from experience. Through these experiences, Janelle has developed a deep fascination with the human mind and the metaphysics of disease. As a qualified Naturopath, Herbalist and Nutritionist, she never treats just the physical symptoms – always looking at what is happening in her clients mind, their belief patterns, stress levels, emotions, etc.

Janelle also has an enormous interest in fasting. 2 years after finishing her studies she attended a 7 day juice fast with Tyler Tolman. It was here that a few moments of clarity happened. Not only did she fast on juice for 3 days and water for 6 days, she also learned some very foundational elements that allowed her to blend her Naturopathic knowledge with her truth. Giving her absolute confidence in her message and method of treating clients.

Since 2010 she has run multiple workshops, fasts, retreats and explored travels to different cultures to ensure her education, message and truth is of utmost value and service. Travelling to cultures such as Papua New Guinea, Nepal, studying yoga and Ayurveda in India, living with Native Indians in Saskatchewan Canada, South Korea, Greece and more has given her an awareness of living close to the land and observing different cultural traditions. You can read more on her website here about her journey.

Over the years her studies in particular led her to explore the role of the feminine and its natural rhythms, an area of work that continues to deeply impassion her. This has since evolved into working with women prior to conception. Combining all of her areas of passion into the most critical part of a woman’s life – becoming a mother. She is certain though that it doesn’t need to be a time of stress and panic to cleanse and get everything right! It can also be a time of preparation, education, cleansing, repairing and certainty, with the right guidance.

Janelle’s now works with women 3-5 years prior to conception to educate and empower them to remove toxins and chemicals from their body and home, along with cleansing and repairing their gut and liver to ensure happy and healthy hormones for conception, pregnancy and post birth. This is of interest to Janelle as it directly and positively impacts the next generation. A potent time – Holistic Pre Conception.

Janelle’s qualifications include: Naturopathy (Naturopath Adv.Dip), Nutritional Medicine (Nutritional Medicine Adv. Dip), Western Herbal Medicine (Western Herbal Medicine Adv. Dip) and a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed). As a natural educator Janelle will empower you with the seeds of knowledge.