Hi, I’m Nicole from Heavenly Cacao!

Heavenly Cacao is an artisan plant-based chocolate maker based in Cairns. We draw on gifts from Mother Earth and the Universe to create divinely inspired chocolates that nourish and uplift.

All of our chocolates are handmade from scratch using the finest natural ingredients and are dairy and additive free. Our creations incorporate whole plant foods, superfoods, crystal elixirs and natural energies to create a high vibration chocolate experience.

My story into wellness began when I was catapulted into this journey following cancer treatment in 2009 and many sleepless night terrified by thought it would come back. I was determined to do everything in my power to make sure it didn’t and became obsessed with it. I studied treating cancer, preventing cancer, reversing cancer, curing cancer – cancer, cancer, cancer!!!

Even I look back and can ‘hand on heart’ say it consumed my life but… I enjoyed every minute and felt empowered by the solutions I was finding. And, out of all my study into both conventional and alternative treatments, there was one undeniable theme that kept coming up in all the literature I was reading… What you put in your body and it’s nutritional content matters, the chemicals you are exposed to matter, your internal and external environments matter! Not just to cancer but to almost every conceivable health problem.

This realisation lead me to a new obsession… Cleaning the chemicals from my life, boosting my nutrition and eating only clean, whole foods. It was like a broom swept through my life. I removed all the chemical cleaners from my home and all the processed foods from my diet – I even changed to glass saucepans due to chemicals in metal cookware. I left no stone unturned! But now I was faced with a problem…

What was I going to eat? Gluten was out, dairy was out, most animal products were out and sugar was TOTALLY out. I had to learn new ways of preparing my food and new ingredients to work with to replace what I chose to no longer eat. I embraced the changes pretty well, motivated more by the fact that I was actually scared for my life… But the one thing I couldn’t quit was my chocolate so I started learning to make my own with raw cacao and wholefoods. I found if I kept my recipes diary free, gluten free and refined sugar free, not only were my treats delicious, to my surprise they satisfied my cravings with just a few pieces instead of the whole bag or block it would take when I ate commercial confectionery.

I was STOKED – no uncontrollable over-eating, no feeling sick and no post binge lethargy… Well, no binging at all! In fact, I actually felt good. I found I had more energy over a longer period and a sense of wellness instead of the sharp sugar highs and lows. I set about finding ways to cram as much goodness into my food – and TREATS – as possible. I was just having so much fun, both making and eating them that my obsession turned into a passion for creating and sharing my recipes. Hence Heavenly Cacao was born.