The story of her widowhood has been how many people have come to know Amanda; but way before that, when she was only sixteen Amanda was investing in others, teaching young children, learning how to listen, learning how to empower and bring out the best in others.

The first time she was labelled as a ‘solution finder’ was in her early 20s. From her teens till now she has been a natural and passionate teached and encourager: in classrooms, in a variety of overseas countries, working with migrant families and special needs children, and in several support roles beside your average Aussie families.

In her early 30s she moved into pastoral care of families and women. Amanda became very discouraged by the lack of success in pastoral care support, finding people rarely able to change their lives and outcomes despite her dedicated commitment. It just wasn’t enough.

This was when she discovered the ‘magic’ of coaching!

Since then, she has used the focus and techniques of coaching with her passion and determined belief in people’s worth to see many, many lives changed for the better: mindsets and behaviours radically transformed, families restored to healthy relationships, revitalised and strengthened by Amanda’s committed support to teaching and coaching in parenting skills.

In 1996 Amanda married James, whom she met while working in South-East Asia. Three months into their marriage they discovered that James had a pre-cancerous tumour growing in his mouth. Their thirteen beautiful years of marriage were impacted by five seperate mouth & throat cancer battles before James peacefully passed away in 2010.

Hers is a truly inspirational and raw message of hope, tears and much laughter, identity, trust, relationship and commitment through heart-wrenching times and years of re-building.

Her public speaking is honest and vulnerable and highly life-giving and many have been inspired and strengthened by her many stories and practical presentations on foundational life principles. Her stories come from her own life adventures in developing countries; as a cancer-patient carer and a determined sole parent; as a self-taught and successful business owner; and as a active volunteer in her own community.

Her three children are mostly grown into adulthood; one studying architecture, another doing a gap year before beginning a uni course on drama studies and her youngest has set his sights on a career in Australian Defence.

They are a close and supportive family unit, separated by distance, but fiercely committed to each others’ success, and all three children cheer their mum on in her passion to help others realise their dreams and potential.