Amy and Michael Harrison are passionate about helping people connect to and work with their greater consciousness.

You are so much more than you think you are!

Do you know what you should eat or do for your health and wellbeing yet find it hard to follow through? It’s one thing to consciously know what you need to do, it’s another to feel internally driven to make those choices. How often do you find yourself sabotaging what you truly want? Are there patterns in your life, work or relationships you repeat even though you can see them happening yet feel powerless to stop them? Do you get emotionally triggered by events that you know shouldn’t affect you like that? Do events from the past have an emotional hold on you even though you just want to let them go?

You cannot use your conscious mind to think your way out of these patterns. They are being created from a different part of your consciousness. Your thinking, conscious mind is just one small part of the whole of your consciousness. You also have a subconscious mind and a superconscious mind and when you learn how to connect and work with them you will unleash massive untapped potential within yourself.

Amy and Michael are going to teach you about the full model of your consciousness, how each part influences your daily life and what tools you can use to work with them.

  • You will learn about limiting beliefs and how they affect your subconscious behaviour.
  • You will learn about retained emotions and how they influence you.
  • You will learn about how inherited patterns from your ancestral lineage impact you
  • And you will also learn about how retained experiences from past lives can also affect you.

Between them Amy and Michael have over 40 years experience in exploring meditation and consciousness.

The Soul Adventure is their online 12 part guided meditation course that takes people on an adventure to explore their greater consciousness. They have also developed their own technique to teach people how to identify and switch their limiting beliefs for empowering beliefs that is called The Belief Switch.