Yes! Since 1984 when Christiane Wagner became a Registered Nurse…

She has been continuously participating in training to upgrade her capacity to provide holistic care, advice and support to her clients.

Her commitment to achieving exceptional outcomes for clients is evidenced through her establishment and operation of two highly successful businesses for over 20 years. Having emigrated from Germany in 2011, Christiane has now established a new business called Body and Skin Care, Cairns Beaches.

By focusing on the whole individual, Christiane is able to tailor treatments to address diverse problems and emotions and support clients to find a balanced, healthy life style.

Christiane draws on her extensive, diverse experience to assess client conditions and then applies her deep knowledge of multiple disciplines to provide the treatments which will achieve the best results. With a holistic vision, Christiane applies traditional massage therapies as well as Balneo therapies (the treatment of conditions through a combination of bathing and massage), and lymphatic drainage in a multipronged approach to tackling her clients’ health and wellness issues. After she had to care about the pH & gut of one of her family members, who was born without a bladder and the ureter where planted into the gut (1991), she experienced the importancy of the pH & gut. She developed a comprehensive pH & gut program & offers to combine all her treatments with it. Which makes it possible to get much better improvements.

Christiane is also an accomplished rehabilitation therapist. With experience working in a large rehabilitation hospital in German prior to her departure to Australia, Christiane learned a lot about back, hip, knee, feet and shoulder injuries and the types of therapies and exercises that yielded the best results. She realised that using exercises that build up muscles and improve the function of the fascia, is a much better way of healing injuries for both the short and long term.

Christiane therefore teaches clients the most appropriate exercises to treat their injuries and sets strict programs so that the injury receives the exact number of repetitions so as to not over or underwork the joint in question.

Body and Skin Care, Cairns Beaches is the actualisation of Christiane’s dream to provide the Cairns community with a health and wellbeing practice that cares for the in and the out.

Established in 2015 and drawing on Christiane’s three decades of experience, Body and Skin Care, Cairns Beaches offers:

  • Massage therapy
  • Balneo therapy
  • Manual lymphatic drainage
  • Rehabilitation training
  • Dr Hauschka skin & beauty therapy
  • Comprehensive pH & gut program
  • Health coaching
  • Educational workshops

This means that Christiane is able to:

  • assist in the healing of injured soft tissues such as muscles, tendons and ligaments through the use of a wide range of massage techniques
  • use massage to promote relaxation, improve circulation and relieve muscle tension
  • use lymphatic drainage to encourage the natural drainage of the lymph nodes so that waste products can be carried away from the tissues back toward the heart
  • assist to get back to a balanced pH and gut, which is basics of health of all organs, including muscles tissue, joints, & skin
  • apply rehabilitation strategies to assist clients to resolve injuries in the shortest time possible
  • teach clients techniques to ensure their rehabilitation is conducted in the most appropriate manner
  • provide skin care through the use of Dr Hauschka’s certified organic products which support the physical cycle of the skin
  • teach clients how to achieve a balanced, healthy, independent skin

Christiane believes to be educated in health is nowadays more important then ever. Therefore she runs different educational classes, which can be booked one to one or in small classes at your place or in the clinic as well.

September Workshop “Your skin and its relationships”

Knowledge about your skin is the basic to know what kind of real support your skin and hair need to be healthy and beautiful. Be surprised it’s less then you may think.
This workshop is designed to give you an introduction about the anatomy & physiology of skin and scalp. How pH & gut are related to your skin. What does mineral oil & silicon do to your skin & hair. What does night creams and exfoliating do to your skin. How to get it working to using just water to wash your hair. Difference between certified organic skin care and ordinary skin care.
Everyone will treat either their face /hands or feet & get a skin & hair introduction Travel kit from Dr Hauschka & P. Jentschura to try at home. ( valued $57)

Workshop held by Christiane, Body & Skin Care, Cairns Beaches
Cost: $80 September special, usually $95
Booking necessary
Please call Christiane 0447277793 or mail

I’m looking forward to seeing you