Over the years our love affair for fermenting has expanded to the point where nearly all surface area of our kitchen counter tops have sprouted an assortment of flint glass jars, ceramic pots, and bottles of all shapes and sizes. We have launched crock pots of sauerkraut, hexagonal jars for yoghurt, old milk bottles for kefir, and parachute-style muslin for our curds and whey to make house cheeses.

The microbal transformations that take place are nothing short of miraculous and result in striking new flavours and interesting new textures. Maintaining a warm and happy environment for our microbial friends to transform their food sources into delicious, life-giving delights is our priority. When we hear them all gurgling contentedly, it’s a deeply satisfying sound, and we know our microbes are happy.

But it was kombucha – the slightly effervescent, tangy, fermented tea – that pulled us out of our corporate and academic lecturing work and into the world of commercial kombucha brewing in Australia. We found immense inspiration on a trip to the USA a few years ago, where local kombucha brewers across the country tantilised us with their delicious, health giving kombucha beverages. Australia at the time was devoid of such lovely artisan products, so upon returning home we took it upon ourselves to fill the gap.

Our Buchi Kombucha is wildly fermented with a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY or Mother) making it packed full of powerful probiotics, antioxidents and digestive enzymes. Everything in your Buchi is sourced from certified organic farmers. Our elixirs (eg. turmeric, ginger, limes, galangal etc) are all local to the SE QLD region, cold-pressed juiced to maintain their potency and vibrancy, and added to our kombucha at the time of bottling. We are RAW! Our Kombucha is brewed in natural oak barrels (to avoid plastic contaminents). We brew our Buchi Kombucha with 100% organic passion and love!

Beyond just making a great tasting and healthy beverage, we are a young, triple bottom line (people, planet, profit) start up enterprise. We value quality craftsmanship, health and wellness, local economic development, and environmental stewardship. We’re fast-becoming an integral part of the local food economy, distributing our kombucha through a growing network of local markets, cafes, festivals, and natural whole food stores.