Holistic Dentistry is a very personalised service depending on the patients wants and needs.

At Cairns Family & Cosmetic Dental Group we are able to assist with providing preventative dental services, excluding the use of products such as fluoride where requested.

We are able to assist with the removal of Amalgam restorations using rubber damns, oxygen and high evacuation suctions to eliminate the risk of exposure. Restorations can be replace with the use of our Cerec technology which produces ‘heavy metal’ free, ceramic restoration.

In addition we have the latest in technology allowing our dentist to utilise the patient’s own concentrated growth factors / Platelet Rich Plasma to restore gum recession, to aid healing post treatment such as extractions as well as for the use in more aesthetic treatments like mirco-needling.

We have a whole health approach to dentistry and our patients overall wellbeing is our main focus and we work closely with patients to assist achieving optimal outcomes.