I am ‘that’ person that can’t pin point for you a moment in time that my journey began.  There was no health alert that warned me to step up my game in my health, no out of body experience for me to come to know All That Is – it has simply always been me.

I can tell you that this is not the first life I have journeyed into health and healing and all matters of consciousness. It is a comfortable coat that slips on with such ease that I wear it well.  I have, over the course of this lifetime worked hard to ‘know’ and understand as much of the physical side of our being, with qualifications that were once held in Coaching and Nutrition for sport. I have long worked with the mind and all that we can come to understand and accept of its power. With an Advanced Diploma in Counselling and Wellness I have held space for the last number of years through owning a Holistic Day Spa.  Yet it may be the final leg of the journey in the soul, that I have always found my ‘forte’. Holding an Advanced Diploma in Metaphysical Counselling and Wellness, I am registered and practicing with the Australian Holistic Healers and Counsellors Association of Australia, and in this there is many conversations that heal and awaken and soothe a soul.

In a desperate moment of ‘there is something missing’  – I finally found my long walk home, back to a piece of me I feel I long recall and connect to, to everything that I AM.  All my threads weaved perfectly together when I discovered Jun. This fermented, herbal tonic that is all things body mind and soul, is more than just a refreshing drink. It is into this one creation I pour my everything.  It is the one ritual that I offer that brings clarity, connection and consciousness together.

Over all the years – (having owned and run a Book Cafe as well) I have noticed one thing. That we unite and we open and we hold beautiful conversation over a drink.  Wanting it to be healthy to be mindful and to be able to unite in love and laughter, when I drew the lines together I couldn’t have been more thrilled.

Jun is a ritual in connecting your heart your mind and your soul.

It is not just a drink but a journey to your health to your healing to your consciousness.

I hope that you will join me to listen in to this amazing journey at Bloom.

Topic 1: Your life, Your health, Your responsibility (and plenty of talk on fermentation)

We can all relate now, to the statement, that our health is our greatest wealth. That wellbeing is the currency we are paid for the time and effort we put into our own self and life. That the joy, the love and the happiness that we know adds value to our life will flow from how we live. What we have to accept and commit to is that all of this, is our responsibility. Join me in taking the steps to brave owning your health and your life.

Topic 2: The Medicine that IS the soul

Before we discover ourselves with an illness or dis-ease in our body. Before it manifests in our life physically – it has long been within our mind. Before the anguish of stress or anxiety or depression has eaten away at our sanity. Before illness manifests in our life within our mind, it has long been within our soul. As beings of energy. Our feeling is our first point of connection. Before thought. Before action. We stem from feeling. Join me as we unveil the medicine that is the soul!