Colores was created in 2003 by Antonietta Bergamin. It was the first brand of mineral makeup to launch in Adelaide, South Australia. Based now in Cairns, Far North Queensland.

Having suffered with skin allergies, pimples and redness for many years, Antonietta was passionate about producing a makeup that would cover the blemishes and heal at the same time.

The Colores makeup formula is very unique and like no other.

Colores cosmetics deliver results in as little as two days to damaged, dehydrated skin that is subjected to daily exposure of chemicals, UV rays and pollution. Problem skins that suffer from flare ups and pimples will notice a clearer, calmer complexion within a few days of using Colores products.

The Colores makeup range contains pure minerals that have been pulverized and blended to create a variety of products from foundation and concealers to eye shadow, lip products, blush and more.

Colores skincare is carefully formulated to use in conjunction with our makeup products.

Produced in Australia exclusively for Colores, totally preservative free.

All Colores makeup products contain only the purest of minerals with no dyes, synthetics or fillers.

Our point of difference being an Australian owned and operated company along with our unique custom blending service both online and in our stores. This allows our customers to find their “perfect match” mineral foundation for their skin tone, while proudly buying Australian.

We hope you enjoy our products and share your beautiful experience using Colores with your friends and family.