Connect Magazine is the local holistic magazine in North Queensland, focused on spreading messages of peace and harmony, through inspiring, informing and integrating articles.

It focuses on:

  • health and well-being
  • spirituality
  • environment
  • commUnity

Check out what the current edition has to offer:

The Connect Magazine features local artists on the cover of every edition and has calendar, classes and a thorough A to ZEN Directory for all your needs.

The magazine began in March 2004 under the umbrella of not-for-profit organisation Bee Universal Inc. whose mission statement is to help build peaceful communities and spread messages of peace and harmony. The Connect Magazine is only one way that Bee Universal Inc. strives to achieve this goal, organising many special community events over the years.

The Connect Magazine has continued to shine in the North Queensland community and branched out over the years to Victoria and recently South Queensland, due to the driving force, or Queen Bee, Renee Cashman, who has tirelessly offered her time and skills to ensure this community magazine continues to be available for the community for the past 13 years.