Meet Don Chisholm a.k.a The Gut Man.

Don Chisholm is an inspirational keynote speaker on health and author of the best-seller Have You Got the Guts to Be Really Healthy?

With not long to live at the age of 50, Don went on a mission to discover why some people heal and others do not. He travelled the world and his research led him to understand that the answer lies in the gut. Don is reknown for his statement,

“We are not what we eat, we are what we absorb.”

Don now shares his wisdom, passion and energy for life with audiences worldwide, and is invited to speak at many events and conferences each year. His engaging and thought-provoking presentations are honest, occasionally confronting and eye-opening.

Don is a passionate educator on a diverse range of health and longevity topics. He shares simple and practical ideas about what it takes to be really healthy—it’s easier than you think!

Don’s presentations are lively, inspirational and at times confronting! He raises the audience awareness with thought-provoking questions, including:

1. Why is our health still declining despite medical advances?
2. Why does everyone these days have a condition they would prefer not to have?
3. Why are diseases on the increase despite billions being spent on ‘health care’?
4. The simplicity of health and living without disease.