Dr. Debra Lawson or Dr. Deb as her patients affectionately call her is not your run of the mill Chiropractor.

Yes she is officially a Doctor of Chiropractic, however, her clinic is a holistic haven for health and well-being. At Crackenback you will find a full spectrum of modalities, with which you can improve or maintain your health. In her recently published book, Fountains of Youth she shares many of the tool she has learned along the way which can add Life To Your Years and Years to Your Life.

Of course, Chiropractic Care is at the basis of what is on offer at Crackenback Chiropractic and Colonic Clinic. But in addition to Chiropractic Care, Dr. Deb is also a strong advocate of Cleansing, Colonic Hydrotherapy, Oxygen Therapy and has recently become an Access Consciousness facilitator.

The reason she offers this array of treatments is because totally believes in all of it!

Knowing that each individual has their own unique needs: by having all these options under one roof allows her to work with each client as the individual, holistic being they truly are.

Dr. Deb has been thinking outside the box for decades, and this year at Bloom she will be sharing with you her Awareness around creating a life you love using the tools of Access Consciousness.

This will be a fun session that will provide with tools you can use in your everyday life to create more of what you really desire and let go of what is not yours!

Dr. Deb has vowed to hold nothing back, pack a punch and give you as much as possible so that you walk away with truly usable tools to clear the way to your full potential!

This is not to be missed! So make sure you get in a little early, as seating is limited. You will be given your own free tool-kit to take with you to start using immediately as well!