Welcome to the Earthing Lab.


Meet Laura, the owner of Earthing Oz – the very first company in Australia to offer customers practical, indoor earthing solutions…

I grew up in the UK, and after school I studied at The London School of Economics, obtained an BSc Economics degree. The corporate world beckoned me, and my younger self hungered for success and riches, and I believed a City job was where my happiness would lie.

In 2004 I immigrated to Sydney, Australia and continued working in the corporate world. Although the financial security was great, my sense of fulfilment became less and less over the years.

I took time off work in-between having my children, and returning to work each time only exacerbated my need to find something more meaningful and more flexible. So 5 years ago I began to actively search for an idea or business that would ignite my passion and give me the purpose I have been seeking. As soon as I came across Earthing Oz, I knew I’d found my future. The concept of Earthing intuitively felt right, and after using the products I was blown away by the health benefits that I experienced. For years I had been suffering with skin allergies, food intolerances (coeliac disease) and hypothyroidism. I tried many different alternative therapies over the years, some helping more than others. I certainly find that diet and exposure to toxins, make a huge difference to my health, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much Earthing helped.

I love what I do, and the products I sell as they bring a positive change to other people’s lives. I am now passionate about spreading the word on the profound benefits of Earthing, as well committed to increasing public awareness of the dangers of mobile phones and wireless devices (especially for children)