Enjo is a microfibre based cleaning system for the inside and outside of homes, including bathrooms, kitchens, floors, windows, screens and other surfaces.

Harnessing the natural cleaning power of microfibre technology and water, our clever cleaning fibres are made in Austria and lead the way in eco cleaning products, using water as a solvent, loosening, weakening and dissolving dirt particles, including grease and grime.

Chemical free cleaning products that include: Floor care, bathroom care, kitchen care, living care, laundry care, outdoor care, car care and body car.

ENJO is:- 

  • ISO certified
  • ENJO uses only green electricity to power their production
  • 100% of the waste is re-used (up- or re-cycled). For example the cut offs of the microfibers are used for wall insulation.
  • 70% of ENJOs providers are local (Vorarlberg, Austria) mostly family owned businesses
  • ENJO uses an electric car for small transport
  • ENJO encourages staff to ride or car pool to work AND changed the working hours as requested by the workers (mums) so they can go home earlier and spend more time with their kids <3