Fem21 is a herbal formula, designed specifically for women. An all in one for hormonal balance, liver & digestion, alkalising, energy & healthy metabolism.

Fem21 helps to regain hormonal balance, whilst supporting energy and gently cleansing. It can be safely used by most women, from teenagers 13 years and up through to post-menopausein the mid 50’s.

Created & developed in 2014/2015 by Naturopath Meah Robertson; Meah specialises in women’s health and had been seeing similar ongoing issues with her female client base and had successfully been treating with a combination of supplements, liquid herbs, foods and fibre to get results. Meah saw the opportunity to combine these key ingredients into the 1 easy to take formula.

Manufactured on the Gold Coast by Meah, Fem21 is helping more & more women everyday.