Welcome to the Health Optimisation Lab.

Guest Presenters:

Since 1984 when Christiane Wagner became a Registered Nurse, she has been continuously participating in training to upgrade her capacity to provide holistic care, advice and support to her clients. By focusing on the whole individual, Christiane is able to tailor treatments to address diverse problems, emotions and support clients to find a balanced, healthy life style.

In 1991, when one of her family members was born without a bladder and needed the urethra planted into the gut, Christiane became aware of the importance of body pH, vitamins, minerals, hormones, enzymes and overall gut health. She developed a comprehensive pH and gut program and now combines her treatments with this program. This synergistic approach to health and wellbeing has contributed to discernible improvements in her clients’ health. That was the begining of her journey in Ortholmolecular Medicine.

As a nurse and Orthomolecular med. therapist, she believes in education and believes it’s more important than ever to know about skincare, health and physical movement basics. She offers essential educational workshops, which are packed with valuable insights into what you need to do or avoid when creating health from the inside out. www.bodyandskincarecairnsbeaches.com

Libby Davidson is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, operating her Cairns based business with local and interstate clients.

Libby discovered the healing power of nutrition after the birth of her two sons, both of whom suffered from significant food allergies and intolerances.

With a focus on gut health, Libby is passionate about working with clients on a bio-individualised basis, finding the ‘why’ behind their health concerns, developing nutrition and lifestyle strategies to bring clients’ bodies back into balance, promoting health, happiness and vitality. www.nourishedvitality.com.au

Dr Rainer Didier is a Specialist in General Medicine and Nutritional Medicine, based in Enger, Germany.

Growing up in a family of pharmacists, whenever health issues arose they treated them with homeopathy which lead Dr Rainer to becoming a holistic GP. He first added homeopathy to his school medicine, but soon realized without taking care of all nutrition the body needs, that combination wasn’t effective. Adding Orthomolecular Medicine to his expertise made a huge difference for all of his treatments. 20 years ago when almost no one talked about Vitamin D, he started his journey with that amazing hormone D. Travelling to Brazil he received firsthand education from Dr Coimbra who developed the “Coimbra Protocol” – a very successful comprehensive Vitamin D treatment for autoimmune diseases.

Dr Rainer now operates a private health clinic in Germany specialising in environment medicine, day light therapy, psychotherapeutic hypnosis, light therapy and much more. Dr Rainer believes there are 5 levels of health: The Cell level, The nervous and electrical control of various systems, Emotional – psychic – mental level, Energetic level and Spiritual level. https://ganzheitlichemedizin.de/dr-med-rainer-didier/