Hollie believes that we all have the ability to optimise our body and mind to manage pain, injury or adapt our lifestyle by fine tuning our awareness into our own body and mind and evolving our environment to support our health.

Using a whole-person approach, incorporating hands-on treatments with mind-body approaches restoring the focus on you, explore a new sense of health and wellness through the use of mind-body approaches, such as Occupational Therapy, Soft tissue therapies (including Massage), Yoga and Mindfulness and Mentoring.

Let Hollie Swanton show you how to create awareness in your life, back to core self to rediscover your foundation of who you are, what you want to be and how you want to live life in this modern world. Join Hollie for a 45 min session by the pool to explore comfort, ease and to find the entry point to release tension and stress in your body, and develop a plan and practical tools so that you can slow down, unwind and restore the body and mind.