Debra grew up with parents who used alternative therapies like poultices for different ailments. Debra believes Energy Matters and her passion is to support you in getting your life back. Transforming your low energy, aches, pains and bloating into a fresh start – from the inside out and the outside in. Those who read this, can call or text Debra on 0401 222 236 and mention, ‘I want to be FLUSHED’ can have a colon hydrotherapy session for half price 😊

Since opening her Integrative Wellness Clinic in 2003, thousands of clients have benefitted from her unique leading-edge wellness systems. All of which are 100% safe, and can be used even if you are on medications. Debra faced a personal health crisis in 2002, and changed her medical results within 3 months, changing the prognosis of her thyroid. The unique therapies Debra uses in her clinic, have been an integral part of her personal wellness journey.

Debra recently partnered with a bio-tech company whose latest gene study of their product showed that it turns on genes, and signals positive genetic expression. E.g. Switching on one gene has positively improved 15 pathways throughout multiple systems of the body. Debra believes daily prevention of genetic damage is now possible, and vital, for survival of the human race. We don’t have a bleak future, regardless of our genetic destiny, we can all come back to a blueprint of health! We can take back our stolen future!