When you choose Jimalie Organic Coconut Products, you’re supporting a grassroots Australian family business.

We are proud to offer unique, high quality coconut products that are 100% natural and chemical free. Straight from tropical paradise, from a region where our family plantations are located spanning 3 generations, Jimalie’s popular range includes Coconut Wraps, Centrifuge Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Amino Sauce, Coconut Sugar and Coconut Nectar and Turmeric.

Only recently has modern science unlocked the amazing and ancient healing powers of the humble coconut. Each day, people grow more aware of the connection between health and diet, and that a radiant healthy glow comes from a balance of the food we eat and the natural products we use on our skin.

Organic Virgin Coconut oil–like many other parts of the coconut plant has many amazing and ancient healing properties for our bodies. Most people associate oil with harmful, fatty foods, but virgin coconut oil is truly unique. While it does contain saturated fat, the molecular structure of coconut oil actually has a positive effect on the human body; to name a few, it supports the immune system, boosts metabolism, manages weight, and slows the bodies aging process on your skin.
The Jimalie label first appeared on shelves in 2014, but the seeds were planted quite literally on our coconut farm in the Philippines more than 65 years ago.

Jimalie’s product range continues to evolve and demand far exceeds the output of the family coconut farm. But the Alijal plantation continues to operate today providing employment and support to the local people of the village. Coconuts are sourced from independent local farmers within 30km of the production facility and only local villagers are employed in production roles. This provides an economic boost for the region, and the greater quality control ensures all Jimalie products meet the highest of standards.