Julie is the owner of Rainforest Reiki in Cairns where she teaches regular reiki courses and meditation.

She is passionate about teaching and through seeing the changes in her own life and the lives of her students has developed a 4 week mindfulness meditation course. These are regularly held at Cairns Spiritual Centre.

‘To lead a balanced life 3 things are essential: correct diet, exercise and a daily meditation practice’.

Mindfulness meditation is a key element of the Japanese reiki system and many people will start a meditation course and often, seeing the benefits, go on and learn reiki.

We live in a busy world and our focus is always external to ourselves – computers, mobile phones, TV. Learning these simple meditation techniques brings the student into themselves allowing a deep sense of reconnection. With practice you become more present to your needs and personal truths.

These simple techniques can be easily learnt and practised and effectively relieve anxiety, stress, health issues and improve concentration. As you let go of worries and frustrations you start to love and embrace life to the fullest.