Liz is one half of the Simple Nourishment team!

Liz is a busy active mum & a qualified pastry chef that was always allergic to dairy so quitting cold turkey over 20 years ago meant changing her repertoire.

Along came children and the obsession with both food and activeness continued. Liz met Kath and they both shared a passion (some would say obsession) for running, healthy snack foods & upsizing the nutritional value through research and learning. Snack foods is their particular interest as they both know it is one of the most underrated and over indulged part of our diets! Super Snacks the cookbook was borne out of their combined desire to
share ‘simple nourishment’ in a condensed ‘go to’ snack bible.

For Liz, it has never been about what is on trend, or what diet is happening and it is definitely isn’t about discarding whole good foods that work for her body – these foods may not work for someone else’s body so Liz sees that it is important to let them take them out of their diet instead! Her focus is on ea ng as simply and as whole as possible.

She believes taking steps (& they may only be small steps but) however small they are they will lead you towards a healthier version of yourself and family.

Sharing food has always been a love for Liz and Kath and now sharing the learning and the knowledge from the changes is even more inspiring. Liz is looking forward to sharing with you her delicious snacks ideas, showing you quick & easy prepara on as well as talking about easy to source subs tu ons & the philosophy of ‘Simple Nourishment’ ☺

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