Meet Liz, creator at Simple Nourishment

Liz is a busy active mum & a qualified pastry chef that was always allergic to dairy so quitting cold turkey over 20 years ago meant changing her repertoire.

Liz says ‘It’s a tough gig making nutritious food, working, training and running a household as you know, and that was the real inspiration behind Simple Nourishment and publishing a cookbook! It all really started when I had my children and was hanging out at a local Play Group, something as simple as ‘healthy handmade snacks; something that I did all the time and had taken for granted, was noticed… created conversation and sharing, more awareness among other mums and together with Katherine Trapp, we just knew that this has be shared ~ outside our playgroup, outside our community and with every like minded health conscious mumma that we could reach!’

For Liz, it has never been about what is on trend, or what diet is happening and it is definitely isn’t about discarding whole good foods that work for her body – these foods may not work for someone else’s body so Liz sees that it is important to let them take them out of their diet instead! Her focus is on eating as simply – swapping processed for ‘whole eating’ which naturally brings more plant based eating into our diets in particular delicious snacks!

With our busy lives & the complexity of food information out there Liz believes that simple snacking is the best snacking! If baking & making with plant based foods is not your super strength, don’t worry, she’s got you covered. These recipes are definitely delicious, they’re sugar free & they’re really quick to whip up!

Imagine how easy packing the children’s lunchboxes every morning will be, plus add the deliciousness to yours and your partners lunchboxes too! You’ll not only be saving time each day but you know that you’re stepping up to a whole new level of health consciousness with ease.

Join Liz as she brings you realness, as healthy as possible, delicious snack ideas with transitions and substitution tips thrown in to start, keep or evolve the health journey that you’re on!