When it comes to living an authentic, soul-full, vibrant life, there aren’t many people who walk their talk the way that Lorien Waldron does.

A qualified Ayurvedic diet & lifestyle consultant, yoga teacher and plant-based wholefood educator, she has a unique gift for inspiring others to live their healthiest, happiest life, simply.

Growing up in an environment where wholefoods and yogic living were celebrated, she combines this depth of experience with the knowledge and practical skills developed over years of dedicated study.

Studying Ayurveda since she was just 16 years old, she is a graduate of the Australasian Institute of Ayurvedic Studies and has travelled globally, spending time in clinics in India with world-renowned Ayurvedic doctors to immerse in this healing practice and connect with its authentic roots.

She is the founder of popular food and lifestyle website Wholesome Loving Goodness and the author of Simple Ayurveda in the Kitchen  – a practical guide to transforming your relationship with food and discovering your most healthy life through soul-nourishing foods and enriching lifestyle practices.

With a gift for making the complex wisdom of Ayurveda simple and easy to digest in our modern landscape, Lorien facilitates true, lasting, wholesome health by sharing simple practices that make a big difference.

Find Lorien on social media @wholesomelovinggoodness or check out her website www.wholesomelovinggoodness.com