Lov Maté Organic Energy Brew is a recipe Ben & Sanae have been perfecting for over the past two years.

After realising our morning coffee was not doing our bodies any favours we began searching for a healthier alternative. We discovered Yerba Maté tea and instantly fell in love with the earthy flavour and sustained energy it provided us though-out the day and it quickly became part of our morning ritual.

But sometime we still missed coffee. Not for the buzz (our morning Maté was more than sufficient) but for the creamy, full flavor that tea just doesn’t quite match. Knowing coffee want the answer we began experimenting with Yerba Maté in a powdered form, mixing it with various ingredients and steaming it with hot milk.

Our lab was the small kitchen in our camper van and each morning was an opportunity to mix up a new brew. Searching for the brew that satisfied our taste-bud while providing a boost of wholesome natural energy allowing us to make the most of every opportunity that presented itself. Naturally we began sharing our brew with our family and friends and they loved it just as much as we did!

When people asked us about quitting coffee we would happily share our experience and discoveries, our eyes would light up as we talked passionately about our hand crafted brew! It was to good not to share!

Seeing the benefits this drink has provided for us as well as our loved ones was so incredible we have decided to make it available for anyone who is interested in starting their day a little differently, with a brew that supports energy levels, increases brain power and nourishes your body in so many ways.

It’s just the beginning of this journey, come join us on the Adventure.

Ben & Sanae