Mungalli Creek Dairy is a family run, second generation dairy farm that uses state of the art manufacturing equipment and traditional natural farming methods to bring you a unique range of award winning dairy products.

Our philosophy is that food should be produced as naturally as possible and we use biodynamic farming principles to work within the laws of nature rather than perpetually struggling against them. Our diary cows and free range hens graze year round on our lush bio-dynamic mountain pastures on the pristine Atherton Tablelands. Mungalli Creek Dairy has been awarded many accolades for the quality of it’s products with over 100 medals and awards to date including Queensland’s champion Milk producer in 2011 and 2012. The family company supports six local family farms and their Biodynamic range of products is certified Demeter A Grade Biodynamic and available across Australia.

Bio-dynamic agriculture is a method of farming that treats the farm as a living system which interacts with the environment – to build healthy living soil and to produce food that nourishes and revitalises. It is ecologically sustainable and has no adverse environmental effects.

We welcome visitors to our on-farm cafe where you can see the cows and chickens grazing nearby as well as enjoying the stunning views of Mt Bartle Frere, Queensland’s Highest Mountain, not to mention our great tasting home made cakes, platters and lunches!