You can’t create a clean and healthy home by using toxic chemicals!

A new concept in toxin free living, and a return to the time before petrochemicals. My Habitat Products is a range of cleaning and personal care products for all your household needs. Made locally in Millaa Millaa, North Queensland using pure essential oils and other natural ingredients. My Habitat uses pure essential oils as active ingredients, with a base of other natural plant-derived ingredients.

Mainstream household products may contain very toxic ingredients. Advertisers would have us believe these products are essential to safeguard our family’s health, but this may be very far from the truth. Many of these products seriously damage our health and that of our environment. Not only that, but manufacturers don’t even have to list these toxic ingredients on the label, so unless we do some serious research we would not even be aware of the problem.

My Habitat contains no petrochemicals, no thickeners, fillers or foam boosters. No phosphates, sulphates, enzymes, or other fancy ingredients. Just simple ages-old tested and proven cleaners like vinegar, with 100% pure essential oils to do the work. These things have been used for centuries, unlike petrochemicals which have only been around for about 50 years, and which we know are dangerous to our health and the environment.

My Habitat Products are made of stuff our grandmothers and grandmothers used, and are not only safe and effective, but bring the scent of the herb garden into your home. We are taking care of family’s needs and care for the environment without resorting to toxic chemicals.