Narelle Chenery is the creator of Miessence, the world’s first certified organic skin care and personal care range.

She is a passionate educator and activist for social and consumer change, speaking worldwide to business leaders, entrepreneurs, cosmetic industry professionals and government bodies.

Narelle, a mother of three, has also written articles for leading health publications. After completing her Applied Science degree in1993, Narelle discovered that ‘natural’ cosmetics weren’t all they claimed to be and began making her own products in her kitchen.

In 1998, 6 weeks after the birth of her third child, she launched her hand-made cosmetics as a mail order range. She
quickly attracted a small and loyal band of customers, many of whom still use her products today.

A year later she teamed up with her husband Colin Chenery and business activist Alf Orpen and, after 18 months of research in 2001, Narelle revolutionised the beauty industry with the world’s first certified organic skin care products; Miessence.

Seven years on, industry giants like Estee Lauder are following in her footsteps, launching their own certified organic products.

Narelle is passionate about empowering and educating consumers on how to avoid harmful chemicals in their products.

“Education is the key. If we know how to see through the green-wash, we can choose to avoid toxins.”

“We, as consumers, are incredibly powerful; we just need to own it! Most of the multi-billion dollar cosmetic industry turnover supports the use of toxic chemicals. If we tell those chemicalpeddlers we will no longer put up with the toxins they put onto our bodies and the environment (by refusing to buy them) they will have no choice but to make the changes we wish to see!” Narelle goes on to quote Gandhi, “Non-cooperation with evil is a sacred duty”.

Narelle is a member of the Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists and continues to develop her Miessence products, speak to consumer groups and industry and campaign for integrity in international organic standards.

“Narelle is a brilliant speaker with superb knowledge and puts her point across with absolute clarity laced
with passion. She holds your attention and doesn’t waste any words… superbly entertaining as well as
informative and she makes it sound as if she is saying it for the first time.”
Dr Michael Rose


Miessence is the world’s first extensive range of internationally certified organic skin, hair, body, cosmetic, oral and nutritional products. These range of products stand in a class of their own. They are independently certified to international food grade standards by some of the world’s most respected organic certifying organisations – Australian Certified Organic (ACO), the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and IFOAM (Europe).