Natural Evolution is the pioneering company that brought banana flour to the world.

Natural Evolution are world leaders in science and innovation for the banana industry, along the way uncovering some of the most significant scientific break throughs in resistant starch.

Natural Evolution have been awarded both locally and internationally for the efforts in innovation and sustainability. 2017 saw Natural Evolution take home the prestigious Gold Edison Innovation Award in New York for their Nutro-Lock technology.

Nutro-Lock is the most technologically advanced fruit or vegetable processing system which can take a banana to powder in under 25 minutes locking in valuable plant phytochemicals`. This process is natural, raw, completely inline and scientifically proven to lock in nutrients 20-50 times higher than conventional processing techniques to the world highest pharmaceutical standard.
Natural Evolution produce, banana flour, resistant starch supplements, banana ointment along with skincare and ready to make premixed products.