Natural Grow is about wellness. Straight and simple.

We believe people can eat well, live well, farm well..

At Natural Grow, we promote holistic systems that are aimed at regeneration rather than extraction and/or survival; we also provide personal health solutions and water for life. We look at systems that support nutrition and vibrancy, rather than short term solutions aimed at reducing symptoms.

Whatever systems you put in place, should be made to last. If you start on a wellness journey, or an agricultural journey, it should be set up for long term success.

Founder and owner of Natural Grow, Richie Hodgson is a second generation farmer who has learnt first hand the damage chemicals can do to the soil and to the body. He has overcome his own serious health challenges, reversed certain signs of aging, and, at 71 years old, can give many a younger person a run for their money, both physically and intellectually.

Richie is absolutely passionate about getting the message and the goods out there, so that every person has the choice to live optimally, and farm optimally too. He is a fountain of knowledge and enthusiasm on all things wellness, and lives the life that proves it.