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Guest Presenter:

Internationally acclaimed masterchef, speaker, author, teacher and television presenter in wholefood dairyfree cooking, Chef Cynthia Louise is the Real Food Chef. She is fast becoming one of the most sought-after speakers of today.

Loved by thousands for her raw, passionate and enigmatic onstage presentations, Chef Cynthia Louise is a breath of fresh
air in the ‘wellness & nutrition’ industries. Her talks and cooking demonstrations are playful, dynamic and truly inspirational.

Since beginning her career in the kitchen of one of Australia’s top luxury health retreats, Chef Cynthia has worked with doctors in biochemistry, nutrition and clinical fasting; she launched the toprating Three Worlds restaurant; co-authored three cookbooks with Dr Libby Weaver; and is the guest speaker and wholefoods presenter at Tyler Tolman’s sold-out Australian and international events. She also has a series of online cooking classes with recipes that people are raving about.

Chef Cynthia is deeply passionate about inspiring people with the simplicity and flavour in plant-based, wholefood meals that feed our organs and invigorate our lives. There is no doubt that you will walk away with a new perspective on disease prevention, wellness, vitality and plant-based wholefood cooking that will transform the way you look at food forever.

My mission is to facilitate creativity in the humblest of kitchens around the world. Together, we create high-vibrational recipes using accessible ingredients as close to nature as they were intended to be: that is, with low human interference.