“We are not what we eat, we are what we absorb” – Don Chisholm

Don’s twenty years of research have led him to the conclusion that good health begins in the gut—and that is why he created a range of products to support what he believes is the first step to real health.

Probiotics at last have been recognised as being essential for good health and wellbeing. As more and more supplements come onto the market every week, the choice becomes more and more difficult. Especially when one looks at the variety of probiotics and food combinations that are now available. Don believes this range of Probiotic Foods delivers a complete package—even though everyone has different needs. Each blend contains a variety of specially selected organic wholefoods that have been broken down by a super-culture of probiotics and prebiotics to make the vitamins and minerals inside much more absorbable and super-functional.

What difference does this make?

Because the foods are all broken down they are more easily absorbed, which means there is far greater chance of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals getting to your cells. If your food is absorbed then your body can restore.

Certified Organic and Australian made for guarantee of quality.