The Mandala Body
Our bodies resonate like beautiful mandalas, emitting frequencies that draw and attract circumstances, events and relationships that we name re-occurring life patterns. The origins of this patterning a combination of both un-resolved and joyful emotions. Your frequency signature determines what and who you experience and manifest in your life. Unresolved emotions can only attract and recreate circumstances that will promote their acknowledgement and liberation. When we welcome the emotions with explicit awareness and respect for them we honour them, and in doing so we learn their wisdom and grace. Flower essences, like us, operate from frequency, and provide a sacred space from which to reveal the unexplored aspects of the self that require attention and transformation.

Meg Fisher
My soul journey began listening and emphathising with women over a 30 year career as an Aesthetician and Therapist. My desire to heal developed into a passionate search for truth, freedom and sovereignty over the life circumstances and struggles facing women individually and collectively.

A decade studying Metaphysical Philosophy, Spiritual Counselling and Forensic Healing helped craft my approach to emotional health and wellbeing. In 2008 I began working closely with nature and the flowers, living teachers that shared their wisdom and knowledge with me to co-create a range of flower essences and personal space sprays. They are the catalyst I use when engaged in Intuitive Consultations. Vibrational medicine offers powerful support for personal growth and when experiencing challenging circumstances or environments.

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