At Raw Naturel our lavish skincare range is formulated using top quality superior organic ingredients without the use of harsh synthetics or harmful toxins.

Renee Cavallaro is the owner and founder of Raw Naturel. She believes that skincare should ‘come from the Earth, not cost it’. Her dedication and drive come from a deep desire to create a quality skincare range that is natural, ethical, sustainably sourced, and safe for the whole family.

The range contains all-natural preservatives, emollients, emulsifiers, bioactive and cosmeceutical grade ingredients – all while being Australian owned and manufactured. Our quality, organic ingredients working synergistically to protect, hydrate and restore your skin to provide wellness and balance. All products are crafted with sincerity devotion and authenticity, and under no circumstances do we undertake animal testing.

Raw Naturel’s high-quality ingredients are sourced locally and the extraction process does not compromise the bio-matrix integrity of the fruit or plant, unlike the old methods of drawn out percolation or heat, where the raw material is often left stewing for days, fermenting and breaking down. Independent laboratory testing at Southern Cross University’s Plant Science Analytical Services validates the major peaks of bio-actives present in each organic extract. This extraction method delivers larger peaks and often identifies more active compounds than competitive extracts tested. The plant extracts and oils found in the range will leave you feeling invigorated and nourished from the outside inwards, providing your skin with what it yearns for – simple and pure ingredients that contain high levels of antioxidants and vitamins formulated to assist to heal, nourish and nurture it.

Renee hopes to raise awareness of the harmful ingredients that are in many personal and beauty products, and how significant the short and long-term effects of these chemicals are on our health as well as the world we live in.