As Creative Director of the social enterprise RealFood Network and co-founder of the Sustainability Alliance FNQ, Sjoerd Souvereign has been active in the activation and cultivation of positive change in the FNQ region for over the past 7 years. Grounded in Permaculture he has been instrumental in networking farmers with community that want clean and trust worthy food whilst assisting inspiring community leaders to further the success of their careers through direct support in networking, marketing and developing conscious media to promote their work.

With high regard for the social needs People care, Earth care and Fair Share Sjoerds current field of sharing is about Life in Syntropy, Syntropic Farming, Food Forestry and implementing Abundance based food production systems based on best practice in Regenerative Agroforestry. Whats most intruiging about this Field of Work is that it relates directly to Life and how Life functions all around us. It even shows us how by adopting Syntropic Thinking we ourselves can become more free, enabled, empowered and effective in the work we do and the world we live in.