Experience the power and the beauty of truly natural, vegan and 100% chemical free skincare products, handmade with LOVE in small batches in FNQ.

Spa in a Jar™ uses only highest quality pure, natural, mainly vegan & organic ingredients from ocean and earth to create Truly Natural Skincare that is exquisitely fragrant, deliciously tactile, visually pleasing and surprisingly affordable, blended to deliver a complete sense of wellbeing. This reflects the love we feel for everything we do.

Our artisan range of Face & Body Scrubs, Body & Massage Oils, Serums, Lip & Body Balms and magnesium rich Bath Salts is handcrafted in small batches from ethically sourced, natural and naturally derived, mainly organic and vegan ingredients, organic wherever possible, free from harmful chemicals and any synthetic additives. (*Note: Lip & Body Balms are not vegan)

We custom blend some of the very best and most beneficial oils, mineral salts, raw sugars, coffees and botanicals with pure and wonderfully fragrant pure essential oils to give you a true Spa experience at home. Each product is blended, poured and inspected in our studio in Redlynch, Tropical Far North Queensland, Australia. Where necessary, jars are individually sealed to keep freshness in, nasties out and the journey to your place safe. We honour our relationship with our planet by mindfully using and re-using fully recyclable, BPA/S/F, paraben and phthalate free packaging.

We are passionate about creating mostly vegan skincare products that harvest nature’s nourishing power and are kind to your skin, to animals and the environment. We believe that high end natural skincare products do not have to cost a fortune. We love using them ourselves every day so we know our quality is top notch.

Philosophy of Spa in a Jar™

For-Benefit-Vision: commitment to create true benefit & empowerment for our customers, staff and the planet

Truly natural: commitment to highest quality, pure, natural, mostly organic ingredients

Safe: free from harmful chemicals, never tested on animals

Artisan: hand crafted in small batches with time and LOVE for what we do

Unique: our scrubs contain not just 1 but 3 mineral rich salts, not 1 but 6 beneficial oils

Gentle: hand milled solids to a very fine granule size safer for face and body

Effective: exfoliation, moisture & powerful aromatherapy to nourish body,mind & soul

Delicious: delectable & addictive signature scents from 100% pure, therapeutic grade, Essential Oils

Convenient: packaged in 100% recyclable jars, not in fragile paper bags

Sealed: each item individually sealed to ensure safe travel without leaks

Sustainable: products and packaging are kind to you, the animals and the planet

More: we are packing some extra LOVE in by overfilling each jar by 10-15%

Effective: our products don’t just deliver ONE benefit, e.g. exfoliate, but provide a delicious surge of moisture & healing to nourish your body, mind and soul

Ethical: we mean and do what we say, integrity from sourcing to delivery

Individual: we can customise 100% individual creations on demand just for you

Affordable: we are keeping it real.


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